Top season for LRJ Racing with EBC minimoto brakes image
Top season for LRJ Racing with EBC organic minimoto brakes

LRJ Racing have sent on a round up of their high achieving 2015 season using top quality EBC organic brake pads on their minimoto bikes. The team have had an excellent year with young Chloe Jones gaining a championship position in the Minibike Junior Novice Aircooled Series and she is looking set to continue her success in 2016. Adam Hartgrove and Jim Snow also had a great season when they gained overall runner up podium positions with Adam also achieving a first place overall position in the Watercooled Senior Championship.

Here is the race report:

Overall this season our youngest rider Chloe Jones has raced her little heart out throughout the season and became Minibike Junior Novice Aircooled Champion and is looking forward to 2016 with EBC Brakes, she was also nominated and won the Downforce radio junior motorcyclist of the year.

Adam Hartgrove was 2nd overall in Senior Aircooled Championship and 1st in the Watercooled Senior Championship and is looking forward to 2016.

Jim Snow was 3rd overall in the Fab Racing championship in the Watercooled Minimoto Senior Championship but missed the last two rounds after fracturing his ankle at a previous round at Whilton Mill.

LRJ Racing

Adam Hartgrove – British Junior 4.2 B Champion & 3rd in Proddy’s 2012/2013

Richard Spiers – British Senior Proddy’s A Champion 2012/2013 & 2nd in 4.2 & 3rd in Supers 2012 British Senior 4.2 Champion 2013

Jim Snow – British Senior 4.2 B 2nd & 3rd in Proddy’s 2012 2nd in Senior proddys & 3rd in supers 2013
2nd in the World Minibike Championship 2014 in Spain.

Chloe Jones in action photo

LRJ Racing in action photo

LRJ Racing Team photo

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