High-finishing score for EBC ambassador who only started stunt riding three years ago

Wyatt uses EBC Brakes’ discs and pads on his heavily-modified Honda CBR 600 F4i stunt bike

Going Pro

28-year old Wyatt Tipton from Las Vegas, Nevada – more commonly known as ‘Top Notch Stunts’ – recently completed a country-spanning trip to compete in his first pro-category stunt riding competition in Cleveland, Ohio.

Following the gruelling 36-hour drive east, Wyatt eventually finished up with an impressive 6th place finish overall.

Wyatt uses EBC’s Vee Rotors and GPFAX sintered race pads on his Honda, and has so far been incredibly satisfied with the results.

Wyatt’s Thoughts

“I had a blast! Even though I was hoping for better placement, I can’t be mad. The first place was Kyle Sliger and he’s been riding stunt bikes since ‘09. I started in ‘16.

“Next weekend is another comp all the way over in Tennessee. I’m proud to be part of the EBC team!”

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Wyatt uses these EBC Brakes products:


Wyatt uses EBC’s ultra-lightweight, fully-floating Vee Rotors™ on his stunt motorcycle.

In-line with the ongoing trend for riders to customize machines rather than simply replace parts, the new Vee-Rotors™ from EBC Brakes offer an exciting new lightweight rotor program with an exciting range of colour options.

GPFAX Sintered Road/Race Pads

To complement the discs, Wyatt uses EBC’s GPFAX pads. These race-only pads feature a material blend that has a higher friction and far better grip than any other brake pad on the market.

With a friction measurement between 0.6 and 0.7, they deliver the most amazing brake effect available. Zero brake fade is guaranteed and the heat stability of these brake pads is perfect, leaving the racer with high confidence and a product that can be used over numerous races.

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