Photo: Zen Pro Champion Aline Herrera is a winner with EBC ATV brakes

Zen Pro Champion Aline Herrera is a winner with EBC ATV brakes

The Zen Pro Racing Ladies have done it again! This time with Aline Herrera becoming the overall championship winner recently in the La Playa Motocross women’s class event, held at Cantama Sand Dunes, Baja California, Mexico.


This two and a half mile course is set in the pure beautiful sand dunes just south of Rosarito Beach that makes control of any vehicle fairly tricky. This is why the Zen Pro Racing team use EBC ATV brakes, such as ATV Sintered Brake PadsSV Series Severe Duty Sintered brake pads and ATV Sport Disc / Rotors that are perfect for controlling quad vehicles in sandy, dry conditions.


The next stop for the Zen Pro Racing Team is the Baja 1000 at Ensenada, Baja California starting on 19th November 2016.


Here is the pre-running video in which the team will be racing in the solo Pro Ironman Class:


More EBC ATV product information follows:

ATV Sintered Brake Pads or ‘R’ Series are one EBC product that is designed with a high density sintered copper material that offers very high durability and a high resistance to water, mud, sand and is excellent at coping with all manner of off road racing conditions such as those found in ATV racing.

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EBC SV Series sintered brake padsSV Series Severe Duty Sintered brake pads

If you require durability for all your off road riding needs then these are the brake pads to use! SV Severe Duty ATV Pads are made from a high density sintered copper alloy for longest life possible. They are designed to work hard especially in the wettest, muddiest, dusty and dirty conditions like those found during off road riding and racing.
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EBC ATV Sport disc brake rotors
ATV Sport Disc / Rotors

EBC ATV sport rotors are manufactured in the UK from lightweight laser cut stainless steel, the new contoured profile ATV sport discs weigh much less than original OEM parts and are designed for racing. The discs are made to the exact same sizes as original parts and precision ground to perfection as a direct bolt on replacement.

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