The Ford Focus RS mk2 is a legendary hot hatch with massive tuning potential, yet the original sliding brake calipers and 1-pc discs left room for improvement in the braking department. EBC Racing’s brake kit replaces the original front brakes with high performance 4-pot calipers clamping on fully-floating 355x32mm brake discs that are larger in diameter and thicker than the original discs, yet shave a whopping 13kg (-33%) from the weight of the brake components! This drop in un-sprung rotational weight has a profound effect on driving dynamics, a claim which is backed up by our customer’s review below.

Furthermore, EBC also supplies every one of its Balanced Big Brake Kits with rear pads and rear brake lines, resulting in a full vehicle upgrade that unlocks the full braking potential of the vehicle. All for the competitive price of £1,370 (£1,645 with VAT). Never tried a BBK but always wondered what it feels like? Here’s the review from one of our happy customers:

“My brakes were finally fitted on the car from Saturday. My mechanic said the brakes looks brilliant. Also the installation was very smooth, without any issues. I really like how the brakes look. And I must to say, the packaging of whole kit was at very high level too. Nice job guys.”

“The first thing I noticed is the feeling from the steering, the car feels much lighter in the corners. The standard RS love corners, but now it feels like kart, like my previous Fiesta ST150. Acceleration is also improved. I really like how I can control the brake force with ease, like on standard brakes. Even with the bigger diameter discs and larger 4 pot caliper they are not like some kits with “high bite” effect.”

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