Blistering 10-second twin-turbo muscle car benefitted from the EBC Brakes upgrade

Father-and-son drag racing duo, Dave and Elliot Day, currently compete in various drag racing events in their 1933 Willys Coupe hot rod race car.

This formidable 2600lb (1179kg) machine features a twin-turbo 350ci small-block Chevy V8 engine with a two-speed drag transmission, allowing it to achieve a 10.20-second quarter-mile time at 130mph at a recent Street-Class Eliminator event.

As the car developed in performance, however, the pair soon began to realise that there was still one weak link in its abilities: the braking system.

Dad Dave explains how EBC Brakes managed to help with this issue:

“It became apparent that the braking system wasn’t up to scratch. With two badly cracked and warped front discs from slowing down at the high speeds reached in eliminations, we needed to revise this and fast.

“In stepped EBC Brakes. We talked with their technical department for some advice, and a plan was formulated.

“We added new USR slotted front discs with a higher carbon content, as well as Bluestuff front and rear pads in the Wilwood calipers, ready for our next meeting.

“From the first couple of passes, we were straight into the ten-second range, and braking was hugely improved. In fact, on the last run the throttle spring hung up on the bonnet resulting in a stuck throttle over the finishing line. Standing hard on the brake pedal and killing the engine brought the car under control. Back at the pits and a check over was in order, which found no bluing, no warpage and certainly no cracking, meaning the EBC upgrades are a complete success!

“Unfortunately, rain stopped us from going onto competition and as it was the last meeting of 2019, we will have to wait and see how we move forward.”

Specification – 1933 Willys Coupe

  • 350ci small-block Chevy V8 engine
  • 3:1 compression ratio
  • Dart aluminium heads
  • CSU built carburettor
  • Full flow and return Aeromotive fuel system
  • 97 octane pump gas
  • Hoosier rear tyres
  • Weld Beadlock rear wheels
  • Home-built Ford 9” rear axle
  • Mickey Thompson front tyres
  • Twin 76/77mm Precision turbochargers
  • Home-built exhaust system
  • Custom built Serck radiator
  • 2-speed power-glide transmission
  • Racepak dash/computer
  • CO2 boost control
  • CO2 gear shift
  • Wilwood brake calipers
  • EBC Brakes Bluestuff pads
  • EBC Brakes USR slotted front discs
  • Secondary parachute

Dave and Elliot Day use the following EBC Brakes products on their Willys Coupe:

Bluestuff Brake Pads

EBC Bluestuf NDX Brake Pads

Bluestuff NDX is an intermediate-grade track day and race pad making it the material of choice for many club level racers and serious track day enthusiasts. However, due to Bluestuff having excellent cold friction and being very controllable, this compound has also quickly become the brake pad of choice for many street car users too now it has R90 approval on some fitments in the EU.

USR Sports Rotors

EBC USR Series brake disc rotors are now available in a Black thermic and NITROTHERM™ finish and feature wide aperture slots that draw cool air under the brake pad and rotor interface which help cool the temperature of the brake pad contact that can easily and often shoot up to well over 1000 degrees during heavy braking and can cause brake fade or loss of brake effect – the cool effective use of the slots helps prevent this.

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