Portland-based stunt rider needs a sturdy clutch and brakes to keep up with his wild riding style

Stunt rider, inspirational speaker, mental fitness enthusiast… Nate Tanzman isn’t the type of guy who likes to sit still. Constantly focused upon getting the very best from life, he recently teamed up with EBC Brakes to benefit from exceptional stopping power for his trick-popping, heart-stopping two-wheel antics.

Hailing from the Pacific Northwest of America (Portland) there’s nothing that can bring this guy down. No matter how many times he drops his 2003 Kawasaki ZX6R stunt bike, Nate always gets back up and soldiers on. In fact, Nate says it was the motorcycle that “saved my life.”

You see, when he was 18, Nate went through a severe bout of depression and is the first to admit that he had very little direction or purpose in his life.

“Riding my bike saved my life. The minute I threw my leg over the bike it’s all I could think about. I started spending my money, my time, everything on this bike,” he tells us.

No surprise, then, that when he required some uprated discs and pads to bring his comprehensively and repeatedly rebuilt ZXR6 to a halt, EBC was only too happy to add some slow to his go. Thanks to a set of ultra-lightweight, fully floating Vee Rotors and some seriously strong sintered HH series pads, the improvement over OEM is profound, not to mention those cafe racer aesthetics that the anodised bells afford the ‘Zaki.

To witness the sort of abuse Nate subjects the bike to you only need head over to his YouTube channel. There, you can find out what inspires him to risk life and limb every time he twists the key in the ignition.

Harnessing the power of the venerable 636cc Ninja, and allowing for effortless clutch popping wheelies, is an EBC Aramid Street Racer Clutch kit which is ideally suited to heavy-duty race use, courtesy of aromatic polyamide plate fibres with uprated springs and diaphragm.

It’s long been confirmed that wheelies aren’t bad for your bike, but bad wheelies can really torture a clutch and cause excess wear on the friction plate and clutch basket, while also shock-loading the chain and sprockets.

Nate is the first to confess that he really pushes his bike to its limit and continually breaks or bins it, but with EBC onboard, both the braking and power transmission are well and truly future-proofed for maximum punishment. While Nate’s style of riding may not necessarily result in the fastest speeds, the lack of mechanical sympathy sure as hell tests any components to their very limits, and EBC constantly strives to support boundary pushing at the very edge of performance.

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In line with the ongoing trend for riders to customise machines rather than simply replace parts, Vee-Rotors™ from EBC Brakes offer an exciting new lightweight rotor program with an exciting range of colour options.

Double-H™ Sintered Superbike Brake Pads

Double-H™ Sintered Superbike Brake Pads deliver high performance and are well known as the EBC flagship sintered street-sport brake pad. Manufactured in the US in the state-of-the-art sintering plant in Ohio, they perform well in all weather conditions, be it dry or wet, and have a high longevity lasting for many miles.

SRC Street Racer Clutch Set

An aramid paper-lined plate set complete with heavy duty clutch springs, the SRC kit is ideal for heavy sport bikes, faster riders and production based race use. Advantages include longer life and higher heat resistance.

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