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Shaun Fudge from Lewis Dean Motorsport puts our brand new RP-1 brake pads through their paces – and the results surprise him!

Sarah and Shaun Fudge know their brakes. Together the husband and wife team own and run Lewis Dean Motorsport based in Dorset, and have spent many years and thousands of pounds creating their competition winning car – a 2.1 litre, 450 BHP Subaru Impreza WRX. But what do they think of RP-1 pads?

Decades of Experience

Shaun has been racing for over 30 years in hot rods, karts and saloon cars. For the last decade he and Sarah have both been participating in the Gurston Downhill Climb in Broadchalke, Salisbury.

Lewis Dean Motorsport have had many successful seasons and podiums racing in their Impreza – Sarah achieved 4th in class in the 2018 season – and for over a decade the car has been fitted with the latest EBC Brakes products.

Why EBC?

To hear them say it, the reason for this is simple: “EBC Brakes’ pad and discs have never failed to produce what we would expect from them. At the speeds we race, we have to be confident in the stopping power and quality of our brakes at all times. We wouldn’t use anything else!”

Typically, the Impreza runs on our Yellowstuff brake pads, known for their high temperature fade resistance and excellent cold bite. But Shaun recently took the car for a spin using our brand-new EBC Brakes Racing RP-1 brake pads.

RP-1 Pads
Shaun and Sarah Fudge of Lewis Dean Motorsport
Our new flagship race pads

Created after two years of research and testing, the RP-1 pads are capable of temperatures and stability rarely seen in performance brakes.

So what did Lewis Dean Motorsport think?

The verdict

Shaun took to the track and immediately saw results. He said the pads “bedded in quicker”, with “a faster initial bite.”

“These new pads are so much better and work earlier. There’s no noise once bedded in – I could not get these pads to fade!”

Shaun said he was very happy with the bite and the braking performance, and completely satisfied with the fade resistance. “10/10!”

If you’re looking for the best braking performance for the track, then look no further than RP-1.

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