EFI Truck CV Brake Pad and Disc eCatalogue

EFI Truck CV Brake Pad and Disc eCatalogue Image LinkEFI Truck CV Brake Pad and Disc eCatalogue

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British made quality brake pads for truck trailer and bus

What makes EBC/EFI Truck CV brake pads the best aftermarket choice ever?

EBC/EFI Truck CV brake pads are British made from premium CV materials that are designed for maximum mileage and minimum disc abrasion. In this relatively new market place where almost all newly registered trucks and trailers now use DISC SYSTEMS the high quality necessary to provide safe braking without pad de-bonds short life or disc damage is the key motivation to EBC/EFI materials and processing. Here are the three compelling reasons to use EBC/EFI.


1. Interlayer technology
EBC/EFI have developed a SHOCK RESISTANT high strength interlayer that not only resists corrosion but reduces transmissions of shock and prevents pad de-bonds.



2. Pre-moulded expansion grooves
EBC/EFI mould the expansion grooves into the pad material whilst hot moulding. This reduces edge stresses at the pad to plate interface and prevents edge lifting whilst also giving the advantage of reducing surface cracks.



3. Brake-In✓TM Coating
All EBC/EFI CV pads now carry the revolutionary Brake-In™ coating which is a heat applied plastic abrasive layer that guarantees an instant high efficiency brake from first installation and helps condition the disc surface during the first few hundred miles of pad use. This coating process enables vehicles to pass vehicle inspection immediately after new pads have been fitted and is a major advantage to fleet users working to a time schedule or carrying perishable goods.

EBC/EFi’s new CV brake disc range is designed to provide an OEM quality product at aftermarket pricing with an extremely high quality, availability rate and fast delivery.


Professional fleet operators will appreciate the benefits of this high quality product which is geared to extend fleet service miles between disc changes. These discs have been extensively dyno tested with EBC/EFI’s own CV disc pads and are compatible with any OEM or quality aftermarket friction.
The labour and down time costs of replacing discs on heavier trucks is a major consideration when selecting appropriate disc suppliers. EBC/EFI consider themselves to be at the forefront of the premium CV Pad market in Europe and firmly intend to use this same philosophy of quality, service and availability to take the lead in the brake disc market.