Another round of the demanding long-distance kart race series draws to a spectacular close

Since 2005, the Dubai Kartdrome Endurance Championship – proudly sponsored by EBC Brakes for the last few years – has become one of the main highlights on the international karting calendar. Elite teams from around the world come to this premium Dubai venue to compete in one of the most extreme endurance race series around.

Each round is designed to be as exciting and demanding as it gets, with every stage having a different objective. Round 1 is 400 laps of endurance racing, Round 2 is a six-hour race and Round 3 is run for 12 hours. Round 4 is the grand finale, pushing teams for a challenging 24 hours on track.

The gruelling final round of 2020’s championship was held on 12 December, with an unmissable prize up-for-grabs for the overall winning team: complimentary entry into a 12-hour race at Fernando Alonso’s kart track in Spain during the summer of 2021.

Despite an impressive race win from the Superdryver Asterios guys, it was Motorsport Wheels Dubai (also acting as the main distributor for EBC Brakes products in Dubai) who were crowned overall champions, after securing second place and racking up a total of 168 points in 2020, beating the competition by 40 points.

Stay tuned for more news on the 2021 instalment of the Dubai Kartdrome Endurance Championship very soon.

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