A spell of bad luck in the Cotswolds leaves EBC-equipped kart star Hudson heading all-guns-blazing into the final round in Lincolnshire

Date- 31/08/2019-01/09/2019
Track Conditions- Sunny 17°C
Location- Rissington, Cotswolds


Heat 1
Grid- 11th
I made up a position off the start and on the first lap down the back straight I passed another kart moving me up to 9th from 11th. I was on the rear bumper of the 8th place man going into the 2nd lap but coming out of the loop the engine died. I tried to start it again but it wasn’t firing. It’s the first DNF of the season. Heat 1 was on the Saturday evening as there were so many classes racing across the weekend. Back in the paddock we found out that the ignition stator and rotor were damaged so we replaced them that evening ready for heat 2 on Sunday morning.

Heat 2
Grid- 4th
At the start I got squeezed and put onto the grass off the circuit and re-joined in 6th place. After the 17 laps that’s where we finished.

Marcus Hudson at NFK round 1

Heat 3
Grid- 6th
Got a good start and for the first half lap the top 8 positions were making a lot of contact with each other, bouncing straight from one kart onto another. When exiting the loop I saw a kart getting spun around and we all split to miss them, I normally go the right way to miss crashes but not this time. The crash happened right in front of me and I darted to the right but in doing so clipped the sideways kart as he was rolling back sending me into a spin which took me onto the grass and back onto the circuit facing the wrong way. I span the kart around 180 degrees to chase down the kart in front. I had lost a lot of time as I was the whole back straight behind the kart in front. I kept putting in good laps and by lap 14 I was on his bumper and quicker than him, unfortunately Rissington is a hard place to overtake, I tried but just couldn’t get by him. I tried again on the last lap last corner, got a better drive and pushed to the line with nothing in it. I thought I had done it but looking at the results I finished 0.04 seconds behind finishing in 10th.


With a DNF and a poor result in heat 3 we were 12th on the grid. I decided I would go straight down the middle. As soon as the lights went out I went straight down the middle and went from 12th straight to 6th place in a matter of metres. Then all of a sudden I was hit in the rear left and it span me 90 degrees into another kart which I was then hooked onto. As we became unhooked all the work I did at the start was lost and we were in 13th. On lap 2 going down the back straight the kart had no throttle response and I retired. The cause was the throttle cable snapped which was damaged in the start line incident.


It was a very frustrating weekend with the ignition failing and start line incident in the final resulting in a DNF. All our efforts are now on the final round of the championship at Fulbeck in Lincolnshire at the end of September.

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