EBC-equipped racer provides a thoroughly impressive display at the season closing leg of the series

The relentless wins just keep on coming for EBC-sponsored superstar kart racer Harry Hannam.

The global pandemic may have caused havoc with all manner of race series, but thankfully the UAE RMC Mini Max Championship was able to eventually get itself back on track and Harry had been very much keeping his hand in during the enforced downtime.

In the eighth and final round of the series, he absolutely dominated proceedings, qualifying on pole position and going on to come first in heat one, the pre-final, and the final. Not only that, but Harry led every single lap, set a new Mini Max lap record, and finished the eleven-lap final with an eight-second lead.

This stellar victory acts as a thoroughly appropriate coda to a star-studded season. Harry won every final in all eight rounds, taking a total of twenty-seven wins out of thirty races. From all this he netted a total of 990 race points, a full 166 points clear of the nearest rival, and this overall win represents his second Mini Max Championship victory in a row. Being UAE champion, he qualifies for entry to the Rotax Grand Finals at Portimao, Portugal in January, the winner of which will be crowned Rotax Mini Max World Champion.

With the start of the 2020/21 season, Harry now steps up to the Junior Max class. For those who have been hailing the young champion as the next Lewis Hamilton, this is all further evidence. Roll on next season!

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