Marcus Hudson at NFK round 1

Marcus Hudson gives us his report from round 1 of the Northern Karting Federation Super 4 250 British Championship.

Date: 30/03/2019 – 31/03/2019
Track Conditions: Saturday Sunny 16°C, Sunday Sunny 10°C
Location: Fulbeck, Lincolnshire
Heat 1 – Grid: 3rd

Going into the first corner I got squeezed by two other karts and came out in 4th place. After 5 laps the kart started to get very hoppy at the rear and was losing time coming out of the corners. Half way through the race I lost 4th place and went down to 5th and that’s where we finished.

We adjusted the set up for the next heat to hopefully help with the rear hopping (gripping and then releasing.)

Marcus Hudson at NFK round 1
Heat 2 – Grid: 7th

Got a great start and moved up to 4th position. On the second lap I got alongside 46 down the start-finish straight, out-braking him on the inside to take 3rd place. I held 3rd for half of the race and lost a position coming out of the bus stop. The kart was starting to develop hop again and I was struggling to get a good exit out of the corners, which was impeding me. Coming out of the left handed after the bus stop the kart was really struggling to get in and out of the corner, and I was then having to defend the right hand hairpin on the inside. I managed to hold my place of 4th to the end of the race.

Marcus Hudson at NFK round 1
Heat 3 – Grid: 16th

I made up two positions off the grid and everything was chaos coming out of the first corner going into the bus stop, where there was a three kart crash. Two karts were facing the wrong way and one was spinning just in front of me, so I darted to the right and went around him. That put me in 11th place. I caught number 17 and on lap 4 overtook him before the braking zone for the first corner that was 10th. Later in the race there was a DNF up ahead of me moving me up. I then caught up with 8th but couldn’t get past him. Then on lap 10 I overtook him going into the first corner, and a lap after that there was another DNF ahead of me placing me in 7th with three laps left. I finished in that position.


My results in the three heats placed me 5th on the grid for the final. I made a great start and was up to 3rd, three abreast going down the straight. But I was hit from the left and it put me onto the grass. When I rejoined I was in 12th and by the end of the first lap I was up to 10th. On lap 2 going down the start-finish straight, the kart I was chasing seized, causing it to spin right in front of me. I missed it and moved to 9th. I caught up to 33 but then couldn’t get past straight away and in trying to get past him I lost a place. On the next lap I regained the position as we went into the 90-degree left which followed the bus stop. Two corners later in the complex I passed 33 for 8th place and that’s where I finished.

After the first round of the championship we sit 5th in points.

Next round is at Shennington, in Oxfordshire on May 18th/19th.

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