Photo: New Thompson Kart Track kitted out with EBC Brakes banners

New Thompson Kart Track kitted out with EBC Brakes banners

The new Thompson Kart Track in Thompson, Ohio has recently been kitted out with EBC banners. The Thompson Kart Track is a small local club based out in the Ohio countryside that is organised and run by dedicated volunteers with a passion for kart racing. The kart raceway is part of Thompson Raceway Park which attracts kart enthusiast who begin racing as young as the age of five, to older mature adults all who have a passion for kart racing at heart. One such young upcoming racer is Ben Soukup, who at the age of 11 has already attended at least three races and already achieved a second place finish in his first non-novice race.


EBC have been manufacturing suitable brake pads that will fit into go karts for years and are available in different types of brake pad materials including gold sintered formula, red general purpose use formula or the softer green high friction formula.

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More EBC Kart brake pads information:


EBC Gold Kart Brake Pads
Available for limited applications only, the EBC Gold long life sintered metal brake pads are designed for longest wear life and general public use on go-karts or shifter karts.

red-kart-padsEBC Red Kart Brake Pads formulation is a medium hardness semi-metallic brake pad compound designed for kart public hire and general purpose use.

green-kart-padsEBC Green Brake Pads This is EBC”s softest organic formulation for go-kart race use and may have a shorter lifetime than Red or Gold equivalents. It is available for all modern go-karts and shifter karts.



Visit the EBC Brakes go kart product Where To Buy pages to source the most suitable distributor for your needs:

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