Motorcycle Brake Selector

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Motorcycle Brakes Selector

Riding StyleBest PadsBest Rotors
Street Sport.Aramid OrganicX or XC Rotors
Fast offroad Enduro or sport ATVCarbon EnduroOS Series Oversize Kits, SM Series Supermoto Kits or C Suffix Stainless Rotors
Superbike StreetDouble-H™X or XC Rotors
ATV UtilityR Series SinteredMD Series Carbon Steel Rotors
Superbike Street & Track (also great for supermoto conversions)EPFA SinteredXC Rotors
Motocross RaceMXS SinteredOS Series Oversize Kits or C Suffix Stainless
Severe Duty ATVSV SinteredMD Series Carbon Steel Rotors
Supermoto BrakesEPFA or CarbonSupermotard Contour Rotor Kit
Cruiser Brakes-Organic Type for polished or Show rotorsFA seriesRotors For Big Twins
Cruiser Brakes – Sintered
For heavy bikes, hard braking and longer life
Double-H™ or EPFA SeriesRotors For Big Twins
Cruisers (front and rear ) and heavy streetbikes (rears only) for longer lifeSemi-Sintered™ V-pads™Rotors For Big Twins
Road Race and Trackday brakes for faster motorcyclesNew GPFA Grand Prix sintered seriesXC contour rotors
Street Use Superbike with Streetfighter LooksEPFA Sintered PadsVR Rotors