Photo: EBC mountain bike brake pads are perfect for the downhill racing season

EBC mountain bike brake pads are perfect for the downhill racing season

Here’s the latest  mountain bike racing news from Rui Teixeira and Thom Guibal, who have both had podium finishes this season.

Rui and Thom use EBC green and red downhill formula MTB brake pads on their mountain bikes to cope with the rough terrain found on the courses they compete on around the world in countries such as, Portugal, France and Canada:

Perfect podium finish for Rui Teixeira with EBC mountain bike brake pads

Rui Teixeira had another perfect season in the Portuguese Downhill Mountain Bike Cup when he came third overall in the series finale, which took place on 24th September 2017 in Maderia, Portugal.

Rui uses EBC green and red downhill formula MTB brake pads on his mountain bike:

Rui is a Portuguese semi-professional downhill athlete who has achieved a great history of race results in the world of downhill mountain bike racing since the age of 11. This season Rui has raced with perfection climbing the Championship ladder to further reach his goal of competing in the World Cup.

This year Rui competed in the Portuguese Downhill Racing Cup and made terrific progress in his final round when he finished with a commendable 3rd place podium and 4th overall in the final cup ranking.

Rui quoted on Facebook:

Very happy to have finished yesterday the 6th and final round of the Portuguese DHI Cup with one more podium, here in Madeira.

I gave my best all weekend and even though I made some minor mistakes in the final descent, I could not have been more satisfied because I managed to finish the test in 3rd Place and keep the 4th Place in the final ranking of the Portuguese Cup.

Photo: Rui Teixeira
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Photo: Thomb Guibal

Thom Guibal downhill racing in perfect Autumnal conditions with EBC brake pads

French downhill mountain bike racer Thom Guibal has had an action packed, perfect season racing with the aid of EBC MTB bike brakes.

Here is his latest news and video release:

French downhill mountain bike racer Thom Guibal has had an amazing season which ended with a spectacular 1st place win in the La GPDH Series, that took place on 1st October 2017 at Bike Park Le Grand Puy, based in the stunning Alpes setting in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France.

Earlier this year Thom also had the opportunity to race in the UCI MTB World Cup for the second year in a row, which saw him heading to Canada for the qualifying round. Thom gained 20th position in the general ranking and is looking forward to next season to progress further.

Video creator Pierre Allaire Vidéaste has just released a new video of Thom filmed in the stunning Autumnal setting of Vallée de l’Ubaye for us to enjoy as seen below.

Thom quoted:

Super happy to win on the GPDH this weekend! The organisation was top quality and the track was really great to race on.

I spent an amazing season and would like to especially thank all the people who helped me and trusted me and that in 2017 I competed in the best possible condition. Thank you all, partners, friends, family and all the people who are behind me close or far!

I had the huge chance to participate in two World cups with the French team, I have never had so much fun on my bike and I am currently very happy!

The Autumn is beautiful and now my season is over I’m back to the slopes to ski.  If I had been told what was to occur at the beginning of the season I think I wouldn’t have believed it!

Photo: Thom guibal
New video – Autumn Mood by Pierre Allaire Vidéaste. HD and volume for two minutes of Autumn atmosphere!

Autumn Mood

NOUVELLE VIDEO X AUTUMN MOOD par Pierre Allaire Vidéaste ! HD et volume pour 2minutes d'ambiance d'automne ! Cycles DevinciPraloup <> Vallée de l'UbayeSchwalbe tiresNorthwaveEBC BrakesSmithSABMAMolécule CStans NoTubesBliss Protection

Posted by Thom Guibal on Sunday, October 1, 2017

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EBC MTB Gold Brake Pads

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EBC MTB Red Brake Pads

EBC MTB Red Brake Pads
EBC Red MTB Brake Pads are very high in friction and are organic so can be used on all types of bike rotors. These pads are the perfect choice for downhill racing as the brake fluid lines are not as prone to swelling or softening if they become overheated anywhere near as much as if sintered pads are used.

They provide minimal heat transfer and low rotor damage on bikes that have a hydraulic system.

EBC MTB Green Brake Pads

EBC MTB Green Brake PadsEBC Green MTB Brake Pads are an organic high quality product providing a great all round replacement for all types of bikes and all styles of riding, including cross country, trekking and pleasure riding.

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They are made with magnetic stainless steel backing plates as all the other available EBC MTB pads.

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