EBC CKF Carbon Fiber Lined MX Race Clutch Plate Sets

For years EBC clutches have been the preferred choice of motocross and ATV riders who want their off road clutches to last and work.

Photo: EBC CKF Series Clutch Plate Ring - Thick

CKF is the name of the new EBC carbon fiber impregnated motocross & ATV clutches and they are built tough to last longer, grip better, feel better and drive better than stock cork based units.

PLUS the high heat ability of these CKF Carbon Fiber clutch plates handles much higher stresses and temperatures encountered in racing, yet feel gentle and smooth in everyday riding.

One day, all Motocross bikes and ATV will be built using a clutch like this, but for now the only way to get the best clutch in the game is to step up to an EBC CKF plate set, or go the whole hog and invest in the DRCF clutch kits which are sold as an assembly with a stack height measured to precisely reset your bike to the original sizing.

Never use automatic transmission fluid. EBC strongly recommend that this clutch is fitted by a mechanic who is professionally trained. Due to the heat fatigue of old springs we also recommend that you fit new clutch springs at the same time that you change your clutch plates.

EBC manufacture a range of clutch spring sets. Before riding your motorcycle please ensure you are comfortable with the new lever force and can easily disengage the clutch with minimal hand pressure. Have an experienced rider test the machine.

Photo: EBC CKF Series Clutch Plate Ring - Thin
EBC Brakes standard CKF series clutch set can be ordered from any stockist or purchased ONLINE in the UK at:
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  1. Comment *i want suzuki ax100 clutch plate kit for performance.
    how should I contact i want to buy

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      Thank you for contacting EBC Brakes. Could you tell me where you are based please and I can forward your enquiry onto the most suitable distributor for your needs? Thanks.

      Alternatively you can use our ‘Where To Buy’ section of the EBC website at the following link to browse where our official distributors are based worldwide.
      Here is the link: https://ebcbrakes.com/where-to-buy-ebc-products/

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      Mandy Smith
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