EBC Custom Finish Options for Vee-Rotors™

EBC Brakes™ Custom Finish Vee-Rotors™ for riders who want to stand out from the crowd.

Introducing EBC’s brand new Special Edition Splatter Anodised custom hub finishes, available on selected Vee-Rotor™ motorcycle fitments. This unique new finish gives broad customisation possibilities for riders who want to express their individuality and radically enhance the aesthetics of their machines.

EBC Brakes are pleased to reveal a world first custom finish option on our Vee-Rotor™ brake disc range. These custom fully floating Vee-Rotors™ have been developed to address the desire for motorcycle riders to stand out from the crowd, seeking to customise and upgrade their bikes rather than simply replacing worn components with stock parts. Vee-Rotors™ feature EBC’s patented SD-system hardware, coupling a lightweight aluminium hub to a hardened stainless-steel braking ring, providing improved braking performance, longer wear life and zero unsightly corrosion. EBC Brakes Vee-Rotors™ finally have the visual clout to match up to their superb quality and class leading performance.

EBC’s Special Edition Splatter Anodised custom hub finish is applied by hand using a secret anodising process, resulting in a coating that has the same level of resilience as other EBC rotor finishes yet with a radical and unique aesthetic. The hand applied nature of the coating also means no two hubs ever look the same.

Unlike painted or ‘hydro-dipped’ finishes that are merely aesthetic finishes, EBC’s Special Edition Splatter Anodised finish is a performance anodised coating that will withstand UV exposure and impacts from road debris without becoming damaged and discoloured. Additionally, because the anodising process results in colouration of the aluminium material itself, EBC’s finish is heat resistant and will withstand the temperatures encountered during hard riding. This ensures your new custom rotors continue to look great for years and years to come, particularly in motocross applications where the bike can be subjected to extreme riding conditions.

With several styles to choose from, each colour combination has been carefully selected to integrate with the motorcycle manufacturers own colour schemes. A list of motorcycle models for which the Special Edition Splatter Anodised finish is available can be seen below, along with photos of each of the unique finishes.

MakeModelYearPart NumberFinish
SuzukiGSXR 60097-03VR3058CHBRLight Blue, Red & White
SuzukiGSXR 75096-03VR3058CHBRLight Blue, Red & White
SuzukiGSXR 100001-02VR3058CHBRLight Blue, Red & White
SuzukiGSX 1300 R99-06VR3058CHBRLight Blue, Red & White
SuzukiGSX 140001-07VR3058CHBRLight Blue, Red & White
SuzukiGSX40088-99VR3003CHBRLight Blue, Red & White
SuzukiGSF 600 Bandit Naked/Faired00-04VR3003CHBRLight Blue, Red & White
SuzukiGSX 60089-02VR3003CHBRLight Blue, Red & White
SuzukiGSF 65095-99VR3003CHBRLight Blue, Red & White
SuzukiSV 65099-02VR3003CHBRLight Blue, Red & White
SuzukiGSX 75089-02VR3003CHBRLight Blue, Red & White
SuzukiGSXR 60006-07VR3091CHBRLight Blue, Red & White
SuzukiGSXR 75006-07VR3091CHBRLight Blue, Red & White
SuzukiGSXR 100005-08VR3091CHBRLight Blue, Red & White
SuzukiM1800R06-13VR3091CHBRLight Blue, Red & White
SuzukiGSF1200 Bandit Naked/Faired96-05VR3006CHBRLight Blue, Red & White
YamahaYZF 600 R Thunder Cat/R696-07VR2074CHBLDark Blue, White & Black
YamahaXJ 600 Diversion98-03VR2074CHBLDark Blue, White & Black
YamahaFZS 1000 Fazer01-04VR2074CHBLDark Blue, White & Black
YamahaYZF 1000 R Thunder Ace/R196-03VR2074CHBLDark Blue, White & Black
YamahaXJR 130099-16VR2074CHBLDark Blue, White & Black
KawasakiZX-6R13-17VR4155CHGRGreen, White & Black
KawasakiZZR 140006-17VR4155CHGRGreen, White & Black
KawasakiZX 10 R16-18VR4170CHGRGreen, White & Black
HondaCBR 600 F4i01-06VR1141CHRDRed, White & Black
HondaCBR 600 RR/RRA03-16VR1152CHRDRed, White & Black
HondaCB 1000 R10-16VR1152CHRDRed, White & Black

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