Photo: EBC Brake Caliper Lube

EBC Brake Caliper Lube

EBC has developed its own caliper lube grease to be used on slider pins and caliper slide rails sparingly which has the right viscosity or consistency and the right melting point which is equally important.

Photo: EBC Brake Caliper Lube

EBC offer caliper lube at no charge through participating sellers and offer the caliper lube for sale in quantity to brake fitters and stockists.

Every 2-3 years brake pads will need replacing on your car and, maybe also the discs. This is a fairly straightforward DIY task but we can help you with this INSTALLATION DVD guiding you on the basics for the DIY job. The calipers themselves may even need to be overhauled and EBC can provide this service in the UK only, other markets local providers will supply refurbished calipers and you will need to check local availability for those. Read this page on the effects of SEIZED CALIPERS.

Wherever you get your calipers and whatever country you are in, EBC can help with a great selection of quality brake pads and rotors or discs using this BRAKE SELECTOR CHART and buying from a local dealer of using ourOrder Online Today pages.

Once you buy your new pads and your reworked or new calipers and want to install the pads one thing needs careful attention and that is the lubricant you use on parts that may need some lube on the DIY job…

Choosing the wrong lubricant such as using standard off the shelf greases can be disastrous and highly dangerous. Wrong grease could contaminate your brakes and cause a complete loss of brakes.

  • Never use standard greases on or around brake parts
  • Never apply greases to the reverse of pads to attempt to stop noise, it doesn’t work
  • Never get any greases near the surfaces of brake pads, they will cause total loss of brake
  • Even when using the correct caliper use, use tiny amounts, don’t go thick
  • Clean your fingers after applying greases and never touch pad surfaces even with what seem to be clean hands

Part numbers for all are listed below.

  • LUBE-1 – one sachet of grease enough for one axle set of pads installed
  • LUBE-10 – a pack of 10 caliper lube sachets
  • LUBE-50 – a pack of 50 caliper lube sachets
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