Photo: EBC Brakes Orangestuff Brake Pads

EBC Orangestuff Full Race Brake Pads

In its third year of use the Orangestuff compound has proved to be a great solution for medium/longer duration race use than its famous stable-mate the Yellowstuff brake pad grade which are a great brake pad for Trackday driving.
Photo: EBC Orangestuff full race brake pads
Benefits are:
  • Fast bed in due to factory pre-scorched surfaces
  • Huge friction level
  • Stable at highest temperatures
  • Reduced rotor/disc damage
  • Effective from cold making this material street usable

Orangestuff brake pads are suitable for top street based saloons.
This pad grade delivers superb high performance braking.

Users are reminded to follow the bed in instructions below which are unchanged and to realise this is a harder longer lasting material, the hardest in the EBC Brakes range and needs proper bedding to decent and flat discs.

Final “Lapsim” formulation curve of the latest material which is called DM2323 is shown below. There are three curves below.

1) The top curve has blue lines which are the friction level with the stop number shown at the bottom during the bedding process which is 25 stops. The red lines on this curve are disc temperature at the start (not finish) of the brakes cycle.

2) The Middle curve is the first Lap simulation race test, again blue lines are friction and red are disc temp. This simulates a 10 lap race at brake effect of 0.7G. We also then ran this same test at 1.0G decels and those results are shown in Lapsim 2.

3) The lower curve on Lapsim 2 is the toughest test we can really do on a dyno, simulates massive brake energy and discs glowing bright orange through the brake cycle, highly doubtful any driver would race to these temps but the pads still held on to a very decent level of friction. Important to note that on this second test the cooling was halved, simulating a poorly vented brake system that can occur on street based cars without improved ducting.

The disc temps shot up to over 1000C here at the end of the stops and the friction dropped but there was still a decent brake effect as shown below. This is an unusual test to do and not realistic but this was a test to the very limits and Orangestuff survived. We also doubt if any manufacturer would ever A) Run or B) Dare to publish such results but there you go.

EBC Brakes Orangestuff full race brake pads can be ordered from any stockist or purchased ONLINE in the UK at:
Orangestuff Race Pad Compounds
Orangestuff Compound Spider Chart

Following on from the huge success of the new EBC Bluestuff NDX range, customer demand has indicated the need for a more aggressive full race material for track only use that is not required to bring a vehicle to rest (which Bluestuff NDX was specifically designed to do) and this has led to the development of the orange grade material. The material will be dusty and slightly more aggressive on brake rotors (such as EBC Blade Brake Disc rotors) which is the trade off when using a full race pad and cannot be avoided.

The range of pads available in Orangestuff will be announced soon but similar to the Bluestuff NDX range and available for all faster street based caliper designs and aftermarket race calipers.

If you wish to drive your car to the track and race it, you cannot use Orangestuff. It is not European street legal or safe and likely never will be ECE R 90 street legal . Even in countries where there is no such consideration of ECE R 90 (a European brake safety regulation) Orange grade is NOT designed for highway style driving and is more designed to scrub off speed on track use. Orange is a track only material.

On the contrary Bluestuff is a material capable of track use on most vehicles. The different in the compounds is immense. Bluestuff may work great on better designed calipers on the track but the fastest cars on Street design calipers may push blue beyond its limits due to reduced cooling, reduced pad release and smaller rotor diameters associated with a standard set up.


Although a pre scorched pad some bedding in is still advisable.If this were a street legal pad, some earlier driving on the street to fully bed the pads in geometrically to your discs would be good and finish the heat cure in the pad. Steady braking with stops from 60 to 30 MPH for roughly 15 cycles would help a lot for the first bedding followed by 4-6 heavier stops to really get some heat into the pads.The pads MUST be allowed to cool fully preferably overnight.In Race bedding – After fitting to decent condition discs (read note below) , drive two laps at moderate speed, braking intermittently.Then drive two more laps with heavier braking , coasting to a stop and allow pads to fully cool.


Is important, an off-flat or ribbed and grooved rotor will treble bed in times for street or track use, this is a harder and more durable pad and rotors should be in almost dead flat condition. If you need to have your rotors skimmed we recommend only the very praiseworthy on car brake lathes from Pro Cut, which can be found using these links.


There are many excellent pads out there that work by surface coating discs with a carbon deposit film. Those types of pads actually brake on the deposit film and work by a transfer method back and forth between the pad and rotor surface film. That is not how the new EBC Orange pad material works and all traces of glaze or film deposited by carbon based pads must be removed by either having the discs Pro Cut skimmed or scrubbing the disc surface with fine abrasive paper to break down the surface film.

The new final formulation, Orangestuff brake pads product range

Part NumberApplication
DP9005AP Racing
DP9008AP Racing
DP9036AP Racing
DP9065Nissan GT-R Alcon
DP9128AP Racing
DP9689BMW M3
DP91513Audi 8 pad set
DP91983Nissan GT-R
DP9002AP Racing
DP9006AP Racing
DP9016AP Racing/Alcon
DP9042AP Racing
DP9062AP Racing
DP9066Nissan GT-R Alcon
DP91140AP Racing/Lotus/Ferrari
DP9003AP Racing
DP9007AP Racing
AP Racing
DP9049AP Racing


2 Responses to Orangestuff full race brake pads
  1. GUM EVO writes on the Lancer Register (extract)

    During run in period I noticed cold bite was superb and there was no noises much to my surprise. Anyway Saturday morning came and the sprint at Snetterton began… anyone who attended would vouch the braking needed at the finish line was a test for any ones brake setup! I was crossing the line at about 120 on the limiter in 4th gear then stamping on the brakes to stop in what was a very short distance to exit the circuit. The orangestuff pads offered me astonishing cold bite and immense stopping power whilst never fading ….

    Overall the pads have been used for one sprint and two days of running in… so far proving to be one of the best pads I have ever used along side the xp10’s…… The main advantage for me so far is these Orangestuff pads should be priced very closely or the same as NDX blues which makes them the bargain of the century.

    Please regardless of how easy it is to accuse, believe me when I say this is a total independent test from an enthusiast and unbiased in anyway. I have used many brake pads in my time ranging from: XP8, XP10, NDX blue, Orangestuff, Endless, PF.11, DS2500 etc etc and have just given an honest opinion and will continue to do so throughout the life span of these pads. I have no raw data or substantial evidence to prove these pads to be better than any other as I have no test equipment but take the review as you please J

    Just to add I came 1st place in my class at Snetterton during the MLRSS and have secured the class A 2011 win.

  2. STEVIE 76 writes on GTROC Forum

    “I have to say i was really impressed with the Orange Stuff which easily managed to slow the car up from an indicated 200mph on the clock with no fade noticed at all. I am quite happy to say that these pads really do seem to work very well and have a good enough bite, after a couple of pedal applications, to inspire confidence in them. The initial bite is no worse than stock pads but you really do notice the difference when they get hot.”


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