PD02K Kit Redstuff Ceramic Sport Brake Pads and OEM Style Discs

Photo: EBC PD02K Kit

EBC PD02K Kit Redstuff Ceramic Sport Brake Pads and OEM Style Discs

Photo: EBC PDK Kit Ultimax2™ Pads and Black OEM Style Discs
High friction formula improves brake effect 30%.
  • Ceramic sport brake pad upgrade Kit
  • For spirited driving on prestige vehicles
  • Lowest dusting pad in EBC’s range
  • Premium G3000 OE style rotors in black
  • “Thermic black” anti rust coating
  • Direct fit, no changes required over stock set up
  • 10,000 mile 12 month no hassle warranty

Save on the cost of buying separate parts with this quality
Redstuff ceramic sport brake pad and disc kit which includes pads,
“thermic black” style discs and caliper lube.

f you require better brakes at any speed with LESS DUST this is your kit choice. High efficiency EBC brake pads built with aramid fiber enhanced with ceramic granules to further enhance braking, fully shimmed, slotted and chamfered and featuring the patented EBC Brake-in™ coating for fast pad seating after install deliver great braking power.

Discs are a direct fit OEM replacement with “thermic black” anti rust surface coating, fully balanced and runout tested for smooth braking.

EBC Brakes PDK Kits can be ordered from any stockist or purchased ONLINE in the UK at:

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