Photo: EBC S3 Brake Kit

EBC S10 Kits Greenstuff 2000 Pads and GD Rotors (Auto version of S3 SUV kits)

Photo: EBC S3 Brake Kit
  • Greenstuff 2000 brake pads upgrade kit
  • Ideal for spirited driving and fast compacts alike
  • Significant improvement in braking over OE pads
  • Wide aperture slotted G3000 sport rotors
  • “Thermic black” anti rust coating
  • Direct fit, no changes required over stock set up
  • 10,000 mile 12 month no hassle warranty

Save on the cost of buying separate parts with this quality Greenstuff sport brake pad
and rotor kit which includes pads, black GD rotors and caliper lube.

If you desire a modest brake improvement for normal speeds on any SUV or light truck this kit will be your best choice. High efficiency EBC brake pads built with aramid fiber, fully shimmed, slotted and chamfered and featuring the EBC patented Brake-in™ coating for fast pad seating after install.

Matched with grooved and spotted wide aperture slotted sport rotors for cooler brakes and lifetime perfect flat and parallel pad wear finished with “thermic black” anti rust coating. Wider aperture slots draw cool air under braking area and remove dirt dust and debris faster.

EBC Brake Upgrade Kits can be ordered from any stockist or purchased ONLINE.
Check our ‘Where To Buy in the USA’ page for recommended distributors:

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