Photo: EBC S8 Brake Kit

EBC S8 Kits Orangestuff Brake Pads and Black GD Rotors

Photo: EBC S8 Brake Kit
  • Longer Life track Brake kit
  • Orange grade longer lasting brake pads
  • Wide aperture G3000 black GD slotted rotors
  • “Thermic black” anti rust coating
  • Direct fit, no changes required over stock set up
  • 10,000 mile 12 month no hassle warranty

Save on the cost of buying separate parts with this quality Orangestuff brake pad
and rotor kit which includes pads, black GD rotors and caliper lube.

As with the Bluestuff NDX brake pads, Orange grade pads once bedded are safe for street driving on your way to a track event.

Lifetime is longer than Bluestuff grade but again must be regularly monitored especially if driving home on these brakes after track use.

EBC Brake Upgrade Kits can be ordered from any stockist or purchased ONLINE.
Check our ‘Where To Buy in the USA’ page for recommended distributors:

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