Photo: EBC Van Brake Pads

EBC Van LCV Brakes or Parcel Vans

Van LCV Brakes or Parcel Vans or Light Commercials as we call them in the UK or a parcel van to our
American market friends is a different challenge to a brake compound designer.

Photo: EBC Van Brake Pads

Normally vans move at lower speeds with more stop-starts and more loads, often more weight being applied to the rear axle than the front. Many OEM manufacturers have still not realised this and we find ourselves selling more rear brakes in some cases than fronts. With the heat range, wear life requirements and fleet costs all rolled up into one consideration, EBC has a solution for this market and the Van LCV Brakes or Parcel Vans is as close to perfect as it can get.

Made from a harder and longer wearing carbon based formula the EBC Van LCV Brakes or Parcel Vans range has been used and approved by many fleets and government organisations such as councils and bus operators and proved its pedigree as a high mileage value for money brake pad replacement.

The revolutionary EBC carbon material works very differently to an OE or standard semi metallic pad by actually laying down a carbon layer on the disc surface and braking against this surface. This reduces pad and disc wear significantly by up to 40%. Value for money is maintained as the EBC Carbon product costs less than most OEM pads but delivers better pad and disc life. The Carbon pad also delivers far less dust as the pad is less abrasive on the disc. 92% of brake dust is actually brake disc material being abraded away by an aggressive brake pad.

Always replace pads when replacing brake rotors and inspect worn brake rotors before installing pads alone. A hollowed or badly worn brake disc can ruin new brake pads in a few miles and cause a serious loss of brake at the same time. If replacing the brake disc is not within your budget or you feel the discs should have more service life a Pro Cut on car brake lathe skim will refresh the surfaces of your discs and extend their service life for another 30-40,000 miles. Search this website for the words “Pro Cut” to see where and how to get this done.

EBC Brakes van LCV or parcel van brake pads can be ordered from any stockist or purchased ONLINE in the UK at:

Not just for Vans, the same compound is now being used with success in the UK as original fitment to Optare buses, the famous London Bus ( double-decker Red buses) and even the London Cab or the Black Taxi.

Rotor wear life is extended with Vanbrake DPC series pads, pad life is extended and brakes remain totally silent delivering a world first true quality public service pad grade for all seasons.

For heavy vehicle truck and bus brakes see our sister company website of EFI:


With a nominal friction coefficient of 0.38, this material delivers strong progressive braking with very minimal disc wear and is an ideal solution for van fleet operators wishing to reduce costs.

Van LCV Brakes (Parcel Vans) product box imageTypical lifetime of the pad itself increases by 50% to 200% over conventional semi-metallic pads plus rotor wear is significantly reduced extending rotor replacement time. This material is being regularly supplied to Post Office and council utility vehicle fleets.

All DPC range pads are edge chamfered to reduce low speed brake noise and equipped with the EBC Brake-In coating for fast pad break in. This is a particular advantage for fleet operators “on the go” as pads can be fitted just prior to or during an MOT service and the vehicle will pass any brake test right after pad installation.

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