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No matter what car or class of racing you participate in EBC brakes has a compound to suit. From its early roots years ago winning the British Saloon Car Championships, EBC Brakes has blazed a trail  through many classes of racing, winning championships in many sizes and weights of car. Along the way EBC brakes has been used by Race and Rally Champions in many countries and has twice won cross desert titles, Targa Championships and more. Recently in the UK  all but one entrant in MX5 Miata fleets has used EBC Yellowstuff pads and every car in the Swedish Camaro Cup has done the same.

In 2010 EBC launched its next grade of fast street and track brake pad… Bluestuff NDX a longer lasting high friction pad for use on heavier cars or for race use. Unlike all of its competition who blend steel fibre semi metallics that create their own firework show under braking and scratch and wear out brake rotors, the new NDX compound is a aramid carbon blend that is designed to impress and is easy on brake rotors.

In the USA NDX was developed with a fleet of 43 Sportscars ranging from Impreza and EVO thru Mustangs,Corvettes and some heavier Pontiac GTO cars until we were SURE that we had a compound that would delight our customers. Bluestuff NDX has been widely accepted as one of the only pads that can be driven safely on the street, driven to the track and raced and then driven home again. The downside of NDX is only found on older OEM calipers where sliders and small pad sizes limit the pads release. Simply adding a race type compound will not transform a vehicle into a race car. In some cases new fully floating calipers and maybe oversize rotors will be needed to stop your car on the track effectively. EBC is in the same boat as every other pad manufacturer in this regard, we have no magic wands.

Late 2011 sees the introduction of a track only grade of race pad, EBC ORANGESTUFF which is a new semi metallic pad designed for closed circuit racing only. Like all semi metallic pad compounds, this material is more aggressive on rotors and perhaps noisy. It is designed to scrub off speed on a track and NOT to bring a vehicle to rest in a highway environment so use ON PUBLIC ROADS is totally against our advices.

Selecting Compounds

In choosing compounds for your vehicle, refer back to the home page and select the different colour grade and read about its characteristics before selecting pad compounds.

In general, for all cars up to 2200lb EBC Yellowstuff would be a good starting point and for cars above 2200lb the new EBC Bluestuff NDX.

Type of racing?Best CompoundPad # Starts
Trackday and street combination useBluestuff NDXDP4
Trackday use exclusivelyBluestuff NDXDP5
Closed Circuit Tarmac / Asphalt RacingBluestuff NDXDP5
Sportcars (Muscle cars) track use onlyBluestuff NDXDP5
portcars (Muscle cars) drive to track, limited track work and drive homeBluestuff NDXDP5
SCCA/NASA under 2200 lbsYellowstuffDP4
SCCA/NASA above 2200 lbs
Bluestuff NDXDP9
Open WheelYellowstuffDP4
Kit cars
Tarmac RallyingYellowstuffDP4
Gravel RallyingYellowstuffDP4
Circle TrackBluestuff NDXDP5
GTOBluestuff NDXDP5
GTR CarsBluestuff NDXDP5
Classic RacingYellowstuffDP4
OvalBluestuff NDXDP5