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Video of stunt rider Aaron Colton on EBC Brakes equipped #93 Octane Stunt rider Aaron Colton has recently released an awesome video of his self built Victory #93 Octane motorcycle equipped with EBC Brakes front black Vee-Rotors™.  The #93 Octane that was customised by Aaron in his garage was unveiled in August this year at.. read more →

  Radical performance by Aaron Colton at MotoGP with EBC stunt brakes Talented young motorcycle stunt rider and long time EBC sponsored Aaron Colton gave a radical performance on 4th April 2014 at the MotoGP in Fort Bliss. Equipped with EBC stunt brakes on his specially adapted stunt motorcycle Aaron wowed the crowds during two.. read more →

Talented motorcycle stunt rider Aaron Colton has had an awesome year last year during his 2012 season and to he has sent on several photos taken from the season (see photos below).  Aaron has been using EBC brakes products for a number of years as a sponsored rider and performs his tricky stunts using Extreme pro.. read more →

EBC Brakes sponsored motorcycle stunt rider Aaron Colton has sent on his December newsletter, (see below).  Aaron has been using EBC brakes products over the years and had much success with XC Series fully floating disc rotors and Extreme pro brake pads. For excellent control during his stunts the ProLite XC contour rotors/ contour discs.. read more →

Here is the latest newsletter from Aaron Colton. Aaron has been a sponsored rider of EBC Brakes for several years and for his Freestyle Street he like to use Organic brake pads, and EBC Brakes EPFA Extreme Pro brake pads, depending on front or rear use, or on the 2nd rear caliper that is hooked.. read more →

EBC Brakes sponsored Motorcycle stunt rider Aaron Colton has sent on his October press release to us, please read below! Aaron, who has been using and had continuing success with EBC Brakes motorcycle products for a number of years. Aaron likes to use Organic brake pads for his Freestyle and EBC Brakes EPHA Extreme Pro brake.. read more →

Chapparal Motorsports San, Bernadino, CA After making my way back from Fort Knox, I arrived in CA to prepare for my show at Chaparral Motorsports. Tucker Rocky brought me in for the show as Chapparal is one of their biggest dealers. I rode at this bike night last year and this year’s event was just.. read more →

September 2011 Tucker Rocky Dealer Show To start the month of August off I flew out to Dallas for the Tucker Rocky Dealer Expo. Every year Tucker Rocky flys in a couple of their athletes to hang out and do a meet and greet with their customers. This year I was joined by fellow Speed.. read more →