Hi, just dropping you a quick message to let you know how I’m getting on with the Bluestuff (and Yellowstuff rear) pads you sent me. They’ve been on the car now for about 3-4 weeks, and straight from the box the set up was very impressive! First press of the brakes and it was clear.. read more →

The pictures below show the condition of both the Orangestuff pads and discs after a massively tough test to their wear limits at temperatures exceeding 1000C ( 1800 F) The pads got so hot the paint was blistered off the backing plates totally yet the Orangestuff pads still worked well. There was no cracking or.. read more →

TheEBC Brakes performance pad range was recently expanded to include the new EBC Orangestuff pad material but many drivers are still having great success with the Bluestuff NDX. The advantage of Bluestuff is that it is (soon to be) street legal to ECE R 90 having already passed all tests and only needing paperwork completion.. read more →

After the great success of the EBC Bluestuff NDX EBC tech people identified certain shortfalls on FULL RACE use of the Blues that required it to go back to the drawing board to address issues of this very tough and demanding RACE ONLY brake segment. Most drivers LOVED the new NDX Bluestuff as it was.. read more →

The new EBC Orangestuff brake pads are the follow on from the successful EBC Bluestuff NDX range which 95% of drivers have loved, there HAVE BEEN however a few cases where the (soon to be) R 90 street legal Bluestuff pads were pushed past their limits and the EBC R and D director guru Steve.. read more →

Project3 Brake Review Having a fast car means nothing if you don’t have the proper equipment to stop it. Just like with suspension, tires, and wheels, brakes are a crucial part to any race, project, or even a show car. While our Project3 Mazda sedan isn’t setting any records or boasting the highest horsepower, having.. read more →

Jim Graven who is a long time Industry professional races his Porsche 911 at weekends away from his job working as a product Manager Transworld Products Inc and certainly knows what he is talking about with Brakes and cars. Jim installed the new EBC Bluestuff NDX on his Porsche 911 and wrote these words to.. read more →

Guys, its Rich Nelson here with an update on the EBC Brakes Bluestuff brake pads… I gave the 2084 versions a workout this weekend at an autocross. Like last time it was a fairly large, fast course but did have a few heavy braking zones. The 2084 performed remarkably even from cold. Maybe it was.. read more →

A world first Race pad that can be used on the STREET. This is highly unusual as until now Race Pads have been built with no regard to disc wear, noise, harshness, bite from cold and certainly never tested and passed brake safety tests for Highway use such as Europe’s ECE R 90 Brake safety.. read more →