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Icon 1000 New Jack Suzuki Katana built with EBC Brakes The 1982 Suzuki Katana has recently been remodelled by Portland based company ‘Icon 1000’ to include EBC Brakes into the new build. Icon 1000 are world renowned for building unique bikes and the ‘New Jack’ Suzuki Katana is their latest sleek product launch.   The.. read more →

  NZ return sets Costello up for 2015 season with EBC Brakes Maria Costello MBE has returned from New Zealand recently with some top results and is all set on getting ready for the 2015 season. This year Maria will be using EBC race only GPFAX brake pads again on her disc brake fitted racing.. read more →

  Lee Bowers achieved 1st place at SBF with EBC motorcyle stunt brakes   Talented stunt rider Lee Bowers totally aced the SBF also known as the Stunt Bike Freestyle 2014 event last weekend when he achieved 1st place in the competition. Using EBC front Vee-Rotors™ with EPFA sintered series pads for his motorcycle stunt brakes,.. read more →