After using EBC Yellowstuff for numerous races , driver Lloyd Clarkson decided to try the new EBC Orangestuff grade race pads to make a direct comparison. The result was that 1) Lloyds lap times came DOWN by as much as EIGHT SECONDS in the dry PLUS 2) Disc temperatures went DOWN. 3) Brakes were more.. read more →

After the great success of the EBC Bluestuff NDX EBC tech people identified certain shortfalls on FULL RACE use of the Blues that required it to go back to the drawing board to address issues of this very tough and demanding RACE ONLY brake segment. Most drivers LOVED the new NDX Bluestuff as it was.. read more →

The new EBC Orangestuff brake pads are the follow on from the successful EBC Bluestuff NDX range which 95% of drivers have loved, there HAVE BEEN however a few cases where the (soon to be) R 90 street legal Bluestuff pads were pushed past their limits and the EBC R and D director guru Steve.. read more →