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  High performance EBC MX-5 race brakes are backing Mission Motorsport   Mission Motorsport are getting EBC backing again in the form of high performance Mazda MX -5 race brakes after a successful year in 2013. Mission Motorsport are a charity who help those recovering and aid in the rehabilitation of military personnel affected by.. read more →

  EBC Frenos have just been at the second event of the Spanish Drift Championship in Cheste circuit, Valencia. Here is a brief summary of the championship:   Great performance of the members of the Carbon-S/Monster team! It was a fantastic race day, the event was celebrated at the circuit of Ricardo Tormo in Cheste… read more →

This blog has been taken from “A while back I began my search for brake upgrades that could improve my Autocross time without breaking the bank. I decided pads and stainless steel lines were the way to go and after some research, went with EBC pads. (still researching the lines) So here is my.. read more →

After using EBC Yellowstuff for numerous races , driver Lloyd Clarkson decided to try the new EBC Orangestuff grade race pads to make a direct comparison. The result was that 1) Lloyds lap times came DOWN by as much as EIGHT SECONDS in the dry PLUS 2) Disc temperatures went DOWN. 3) Brakes were more.. read more →

Project3 Brake Review Having a fast car means nothing if you don’t have the proper equipment to stop it. Just like with suspension, tires, and wheels, brakes are a crucial part to any race, project, or even a show car. While our Project3 Mazda sedan isn’t setting any records or boasting the highest horsepower, having.. read more →

I saw my post on the EBC Brakes blog. Thank you much for posting it and I will try hard to put EBC Brakes into the winner’s circle yet again at Black River Stages in Harrisville New York USA! Sincerely Chris G EBC Brakes wishes Chris and his team the best of luck at Black.. read more →

Defending three-time RallyAmerica Central Region Group 2 Champion Chris Greenhouse is going to New York later this month to compete at Black River Stages. The event, sanctioned by NASA RallySport, will be held in Harrisville, NY USA on September 23-24. Joining Chris in the co-driver seat will be veteran co-driver Brian Johnson. This will be.. read more →