Tim Shaw from Car SOS gave us the story on the Integrale;

“One of the episodes for this season of Car SOS was to rebuild a Lancia Delta Integrale for a chap called Gary from Stoke. As usual, we secretly stole the car away (with the permission of his wife and kids) to secretly rebuild the car. Gary had been ill with heart problems. The most tragic thing happened, we received a call soon after we had collected the car to inform us that Gary had passed away. The poor chap never got to know that his beloved car got restored on his favourite car show. We ended up putting on a car show with 40 Integrales from across the UK in a tribute to Gary.

Over this time, whilst sourcing parts for Gary’s car, I got to know many Lancia specialists. It had been a car that I had always adored. By pure coincidence I came across another Integrale that had been destroyed in an attempt to make another TV show that never made the light of day. After returning Gary’s car to his family for Car SOS, I called his dad Derek and told him I was thinking of buying this broken Integrale. He was pleased and keen to stay in touch and follow my journey – the same one that Gary had been on.

It is a 1991 Lancia Delta Integrale Evo 1. It was the Evo that no one else wanted to take on – a bridge too far in terms of the amount of work to do. In fact it was sold as a parts donor vehicle and was not intended to be put back on the road.

Upon acquiring the car, it was obvious why it was supposed to be broken for parts. So much was missing, so much was incorrect. But that didn’t stop me. I assembled the best team I could, headed up by Car SOS painter, Sid. A man who jokes “I’m only a painter” but in reality is anything but “just a painter”! A truly driven, highly skilled painter, welder, flatter, stripper, builder, fixer … in fact anything car related.

With me on the parts mission, as per Car SOS and Sid as project manager, we set to work rounding up the very best of the industry to help fix the unfixable Integrale. The car was taken right back to individual components, the shell was acid dipped and the work started.

With the help of all the sponsors down the side of the car and Sid’s team of Gaz, Raj, Jase, Cliff, Mark, and Lee … I give you the car that was never supposed to be!

Obviously there is only one choice of brakes – EBC! Thanks for all your help in rebuilding the calipers, supplying disks and brake hoses!”

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