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Stay secure and save lives with EBC Brakes during Road Safety Week

EBC Brakes agree with the Road Safety Week pledge that one of the best ways of staying safe on the roads, whether it’s just a local trip or a long distance journey, is by making sure your vehicle is secure. We recommend a regular check of your vehicle all over for anything that may cause unnecessary harm to passengers and drivers alike such as:


  • Checking seat belts are fully working and fastened before starting off on any journey
  • Having the proper child restraint
  • Having the brake system checked and replaced with new parts by a reputable brake fitting centre
  • Checking the wear and tear of tyres and making sure wheel nuts are tight.
  • Adjusting car mirrors for best possible vision all round


Of all the above points, EBC as manufacturers of the World’s best brake products can’t stress enough the importance of having your braking system checked over by a professional brake fitter and having worn parts replaced. For further advice please see this article:


Here are some archive EBC blog testimonials and driver videos proving that having EBC brakes fitted has literally saved lives:









Visit the Road Safety Week website to get involved and find out some valuable information on how to promote safe driving. Click the link below:

Road Safety Week website link

Or visit the Road Safety Week social media sites at the following links:
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