Brakes Selector Chart

Motorcycle Brakes Selector

Riding StyleBest PadsBest Rotors
Street Sport.Aramid OrganicX or XC Rotors
Fast offroad Enduro or sport ATVCarbon EnduroOS Series Oversize Kits, SM Series Supermoto Kits or C Suffix Stainless Rotors
Superbike StreetDouble-H™X or XC Rotors
ATV UtilityR Series SinteredMD Series Carbon Steel Rotors
Superbike Street & Track (also great for supermoto conversions)EPFA SinteredXC Rotors
Motocross RaceMXS SinteredOS Series Oversize Kits or C Suffix Stainless
Severe Duty ATVSV SinteredMD Series Carbon Steel Rotors
Supermoto BrakesEPFA or CarbonSupermotard Contour Rotor Kit
Cruiser Brakes-Organic Type for polished or Show rotorsFA seriesRotors For Big Twins
Cruiser Brakes – Sintered
For heavy bikes, hard braking and longer life
Double-H™ or EPFA SeriesRotors For Big Twins
Cruisers (front and rear ) and heavy streetbikes (rears only) for longer lifeSemi-Sintered™ V-pads™Rotors For Big Twins
Road Race and Trackday brakes for faster motorcyclesNew GPFA Grand Prix sintered seriesXC contour rotors
Street Use Superbike with Streetfighter LooksEPFA Sintered PadsVR Rotors
Type of Brake RotorBest Pad To Use
OEM Stainless SteelAny
EBC Stainless Steel X, XC or SBD SeriesAny
EBC Billet Rotor (front or rear) FA Series Organic Pads or Vee/VLD Pads
EBC Oversize Rotors
(OS and SM Series)
EBC X Series Carbon, R Series Sintered, MXS Series Sintered or EPFA Series Sintered
EBC Stainless Steel Rear Brake Rotors (MD Series)Any
EBC Stainless Off Road Series for Moto-X or ATV (MD Series)Any
Composite lightweight rotors (such as carbon fibre, metal matrix, silicone carbide)DO NOT USE any EBC product on these rotors. Tests have shown rotor damage

Automotive Brakes Selector

Driving StyleBest PadsBest Rotors
Normal urban driving, school-run or commuter on car, truck or SUV.UltimaxUPR Series
Spirited street use on sport compact or import sedan (Hot Hatch).GreenstuffUPR Series
Faster street use on muscle cars (slight rotor wind noise acceptable).RedstuffGD Series
Low dust street use on prestige imports (silent braking required).RedstuffUPR Series
Fastest street and track use, trackday, time trials and drifting in any size or weight of car (on or off road).For longer races Bluestuff may be required for durability purposes.YellowstuffUPR Series
High durability race pad also suitable for street driving.BluestuffNDX Formula
Truck, 4x4 and SUV modest brake upgrade.Greenstuff 6000 SeriesGD Series
Truck, 4x4 and SUV maximum stopping for towing and loads etc.YellowstuffGD Series
Truck, Jeep and SUV high brake efficiency, longer life and heat thresholdExtra Duty Orange PadsGD Series
Truck, 4x4 and SUV modest brake upgrade with lowest dust.Greenstuff 7000 SeriesGD Series
Full track use only - not for highway use.OrangestuffUPR Series
Light Truck, Jeep and SUV Heavy Duty UseNew Extra Duty Orange Grade Disc PadsGD Series