A Brief History of EBC Brakes Racing

An Introduction to EBC Brakes Racing

The EBC Brakes Racing sub-division was formed in 2015 as EBC’s response to the growing trackday and race market.

Over the past 35 years, EBC Brakes has become a world leader in the performance road and intermediate trackday market, establishing itself as the go-to brand for car enthusiasts all around the world looking to upgrade their vehicles brakes with quality UK made parts at justified prices. The mission statement when establishing the EBC Racing division was a simple one, to combine a no comprise approach with over 35 years experience in brake science to engineer braking products of the finest quality that offer unparalleled levels of performance.

With modern vehicles becoming increasingly heavy coupled with ever higher power outputs, the demand placed on the brake system is higher than ever, particularly during on-track driving. Many stock brake systems are simply inadequate for high-performance driving and track use, especially in cases where the vehicle has been tuned. EBC Racing’s product line-up consists of several options that cater for fast road cars right up to full race applications, whether it be EBC’s highest ever performing pad compound RP-1™ through to our technology-rich EBC Balanced Brake Kits™, we have precisely engineered and rigorously tested our products to ensure they meet our exacting standards and can reliably withstand the stresses encountered during the most extreme driving.

The advantages of engineering and manufacturing every EBC Racing product in-house and from a clean slate are abundant. We are not set in old ways, we do not have preconceptions that limit our ambition, and most importantly, by benchmarking the best products from our established competitors, we know what we have to beat.

EBC has invested millions into the EBC Racing program to date, extending its Northampton, UK World Headquarters to include a state-of-the-art production line with new machinery for the manufacture and assembly of our new product lines.

Until now customers have always faced a trade-off; choose high performance and pay a high price, or choose the budget option, often manufactured in the far east, and live with the associated compromise in quality, performance and longevity. We have set out to revolutionise the brake market, catering for customers on real-world budgets but that won’t accept compromise on performance. EBC Brakes Racing provides car enthusiasts around the world with quality UK made parts at justified prices, whilst staying true to our mantra of developing brake products that offer unparalleled braking performance.