We all live in this world, so why not take care of it.

EBC Brakes is a company equally motivated by its public conscience as it is by its balance sheet. We never target to be the cheapest brakes because cheap materials and processes lead to abuse of human beings or the planet we all live in. The water we drink is our very source of life and is to be respected, harmful chemicals in brakes that wash into rivers and streams are never used in our products. The air that we breathe is equally important and brake materials that give off toxic gas like Xylene vapour and Toluene (some actually do) are actually nerve gases and are a bi-product of many cheap brakes . These are also strictly taboo at EBC Brakes.

The saying in life goes “You get what you pay for or a little less” and that holds true especially for brakes.


We are equally proud and conscious of the products we make as we are of our valuable workforce that make them. Next time you shop for brakes, think about the environment when someone offers you an unknown generic named product in a boring box, what is its pedigree, who’s made it, what’s in it.

All EBC brake pads are ECO friendly, have never been made using Asbestos, Lead, Nickel or Ceramic Fibers
(we use particles of ceramic which are harmless) and are also producing brake materials without Antimony Trisulphide.

Let’s think for the future of our children and the planet and let’s not be blind to the dangers of cheap toxic products just to save a few shillings. EBC Brakes has been working for many years with the University of Exeter in what is known as its ELV project that stands for End of Vehicle Life.

This project was formed to immediately eradicate toxic ingredients commonly used in the brake pad industry that EBC Brakes has accomplished years ago. Thereafter the project continues to research and pioneer materials that use organic components, a field in which EBC Brakes is a clear leader. For us to describe the elements used in modern day EBC product would be of great help to our competition so we prefer to leave them guessing, suffice it to say that EBC Brakes being a young and long term thinker has more ideas than most of its competitors combined in this area of research.

Not restricted by low price targets by the OEM builders or greedy “Reboxer” Companies overloaded with desk jockeys who’s philosophy is to sell nothing but part numbers, EBC brakes products may not always be the cheapest to buy but in the long run, they cost you less in terms of lifestyle and the world around you.
EBC brakes will continue to do its parts and one day, when the consumer shouts loud enough and stops looking for the quick fix with a product made using child labour and by nations that dumps tons of toxic waste into its rivers and oceans, maybe we will live longer and more healthy lives.

We are proud of our ECO Friendly status

EBC Brakes strives to be the most eco friendly brake supplier on the planet. The Freeman Group as the Company is now known includes EBC Brakes, European Friction Industries, Premier Braking Ltd . The group is an independently owned manufacturer of brake and clutch components supplying under these brand names and is also a private label supplier to many large brake distributors around the world.

No product manufactured or sold by the Freeman group contains Asbestos and they never will. You can be totally confident of any product sold by our group as not being hazardous in its release of toxic dust of any form.
The group does not use lead or heavy metals such as mercury or Antimony oxide which was banned by Califonia prop 65 and may be harmful to health and the environment. EBC Brakes through its Bristol EFI factory has been for years a co sponsor of the Exeter University led ELV (End of Life of Vehicles) project for the ongoing study for total elimination of toxic products in brakes and continues to support this program.
The group has its own team responsible for waste Management and boast a recycle rate of over 92% of its waste. We manage paper, wood, card and plastic waste in a responsible fashion and are a leader in the brake manufacturing world in this area. Even by products of manufacture such as brake dust are recycled, expensive elements separated out and re-used and the residual dust used efficiently.
Through a complete conversion of its molding presses to heating by recirculated hot oil we have drastically reduced energy consumption used in our manufacturing processes. The adoption of “Cold” molding has reduced energy consumption by 38% over the last two years alone. Our ongoing managed energy consumption plan is constantly reviewed.
Every plant in the Freeman group has its own in-house Health and Safety Officer who is responsible for the well being of our employees and the environment around us. Regular working practice monitoring, dust and noise level measurement, working hazard evaluation, waste management, energy management; all fall under this Officer’s work load.

The health of our employees is of paramount consideration, even down to working hours, respect of break times, canteen, rest and washing facilities, even an in-house nurse to monitor general health in our main factory. This all adds up to a safe and clean working environment for our people. Compare this to the “sweat shop” methods of many of our competition.

When labour represents over 40% of the cost of a product it is easy to cut costs by abusing human beings; this is not a policy ever endorsed by the Freeman Group and for this reason overseas licences are a thing we simply do not entertain. The next time you are offered a cheap brake pad, think about who suffered in making that product and the fat-cats in between that make all the margin bringing that product to your country.