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EBC Brakes Pad Backplates are secured with NRS Hooks

NRS is the trademark and brand name of Nucap of Canada and its processes are used by EBC Brakes for all its motorcycle and automotive brakes.

EBC has its own dedicated press works and tool room production facility at its new Pineham headquarters, where 15 hydraulic and mechanical presses produce over 45 million pieces of steel backing plates per year.

After pressing the basic pad shape, the components are passed under a double-sided hook production tool that forms 1.0-1.5mm crescent-shaped hooks onto the backing plate. The hooks go in opposite directions so that the friction material is held in a Velcro-like fashion and can never suffer de-bond.

Pad de-bond happens due to corrosion between the pad and the backplate and can have catastrophic consequences, hence why EBC Brakes uses NRS hooks.

EBC Brakes goes a step further still, though. In the pad manufacturing process, EBC spray coats the hook-side of the backing plate with a super-strong, heat-activated adhesive, which helps further seal the pad to the backing plate and adds another layer of strength to the bond. The combination of these two processes delivers a pad with eight times the minimum shear strength of the pad-to-plate bond.

So, even if pads are used for years in harsh environments or worn low, there is never a pad failure.

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