03 Jan 2013
January 3, 2013

Sintered Brakes Can Drive You On

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Sintered Brakes Can Drive You On

Advances in technology means that brakes are of greater quality and providing better benefits than ever before. This has obvious benefits when it comes to providing safety and security for the user but there are also differences between the types of sintered brakes that are available which will be of use to those who drive on different terrains. Whilst an everyday pad or brake would be of benefit to the vast majority of bike owners and enthusiasts, those who like to travel to extreme or push their vehicle to the upper limits would see a major benefit from purchasing brakes that fit their requirement to a tee. This is why sintered brakes can drive you on! There are three key major types of brakes which have been sintered and the relevant uses of each will now be discussed.

The green brake, perhaps unsurprisingly given its name is derived from an organic formula and is the brake that is best suited to cross country driving and general use. This means the green brakes will be of use to many bikers and should be the choice if there is likely to be a variety in the surfaces that are being driven on.


The next different type of brake is the red brakes and these offer a very different type of benefit to the user. These sintered brakes have a higher degree of friction and are therefore better suited to racing conditions, to drivers who spend a lot of their time going downhill and for those wanting a high performance from their brakes. The way that the brakes are applied makes these unsuitable for many everyday and novice drivers so there needs to be consideration about the driving style before the brakes are bought.


Gold is sometimes considered to be among the best things in life and this is no different when it comes to brakes that have been sintered. These brakes are deemed to have a longer life and are perfectly suited to driving in tough conditions and can cope better with mud, sand and even grit.

Using these brakes on downhill or in race events can cause problems with overheating so if the vehicle was not originally created for these methods with gold brakes in mind, it is best to not purchase these unless the driving conditions are really suited for golden brakes.


These conditions should be enough to ensure that every biker has the opportunity to buy sintered brakes but their choice has to be relevant to their actual use. This is no different to the buying conditions that would be associated with what sort of fuel or what sort of chassis would best suit the bike. Most biking enthusiasts and serious drivers love to customize their vehicle as much as possible to ensure they get the best results possible so being able to buy brakes that are perfectly suited to their needs fits in with this approach. This is the reason why sintered brakes can drive you on! Being able an element of safety to the customization process should allow bikers the best of both worlds and will enable them to push their driving experience to new heights.