A Brief History of EBC Brakes

EBC Brakes is a company that is over 35 years old, employing over 500 direct and 1,500 indirect staff around the globe. We produce the largest range of disc brake pads in the world from our four wholly-owned manufacturing plants: two in the UK and two in the USA.

To date, EBC Brakes have produced and sold over half a billion sets of disc brake pads for motorcycles and cars.

Brakes for Cars and Light Trucks

Focused on high end friction materials, EBC Brakes has had great success with its colour-coded range of Automotive Pads: Greenstuff, Redstuff, Yellowstuff, Orangestuff and Bluestuff

However, EBC Brakes’ ongoing challenge with such a large range of material choices remains having customers select the right material for their needs, as advice from sellers has often been sketchy and unfortunately appears to have been guesswork to some degree. With so many outlets selling our products it has proven a difficult task to have everyone give out the right information. Clearly this is unacceptable to both customers and EBC Brakes itself and therefore the following charts and selection guides have been created to aid this process.

The Brake Selector Chart shows the basic options. In addition, the very useful and more accurate Brake Pad Selector Tool defines precisely your best options.

Finally, it is worth pointing out that the latest and highest performing Automotive Race Pads from EBC Brakes – RP-1 – are available now with the new range RP-X available from Spring 2020.

Motorcycle Brakes

Once again, choosing the right material for your needs is essential especially if you’re running your bike on a track.

EBC Brakes’ FA Series Organic Pads or longer lasting Vee Pads are superb for general highway riding on all sizes of motorcycle and are R90 street legal, but even more lifetime and higher performance for heavier and faster machines can be found in the sintered HH pad range.

Even then, the HH Sintered Pad range breaks down into three offerings: regular HH Pads for highway use; EPFA Series Pads for track-days and fast street; and the latest GPFAX Pads for race use only. The GPFAX are surely the best motorcycle race pads ever built and are widely used by riders and teams globally.

The basic brake and disc/rotor selector chart will help you choose what’s right for you.