Bluestuff, Yellowstuff and RP-1 Pads

Choosing great brake pads for racing depends on a lot of things; here is a quick guide.

Track Day Weekends

Choosing the best brake pads for track day weekends all depends on the weight of the car. For lighter cars choose EBC Yellowstuff pads. However, for medium to heavy cars, you should pick Bluestuff pads. Both grades are R90 approved and can be driven to and from the track legally. As well as this, there’s the added benefit of fast warm up and bed-in.

Over the years EBC Brakes has made massive strides upgrading its pad compounds. As part of this we invested in two presses to equip our pads with the NUCAP® NRS® hook retention system for pad attachment. Gone are any chances of a pad de-bond!

See how the NRS® hook system works below:

NRS pad

Full Race Use

The new EBC RP-1™ pad is a great choice for faster cars and heavier race duty with track-only use. Firstly, the RP-1 pads cost far less than equivalent grades and carry a LIKE IT OR RETURN FOR REFUND guarantee of performance. Secondly, they are built on NRS®-equipped stainless steel backing plates (no paint anywhere). In addition, they are pre-scorched and bedding-in is super fast.

These pads come up to performance with 6-8 brake applications, stabilise around 0.5 Mu and are excellent in stop control, giving a feedback few other pads will achieve.

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