Apollo Caliper and Floating Disc

Find out why Balanced is Better™ with EBC Brakes’ new Balanced Big Brake Kit

The new EBC Brakes UK-engineered Balanced Big Brake Kit is the finest way to increase brake power and control on fast street and track-use sports cars.

Balanced Big Brake Kit

The kits contain our new UK-made four piston calipers as well as all parts shown above. This includes mounting brackets and hardware; brake lines; and fluid for front EBC calipers and stock rear calipers. In addition, the kits come with brake pads for the front and rear of the vehicle.

This is a truly balanced brake kit. EBC Brakes believe simply upgrading the front axle is inadequate and incorrect. This is why we offer high friction pads and lines at both ends of your car to re-balance the braking perfectly.

The number of models available off the shelf are increasing daily. Currently they include M3, Civic R, Fiesta ST, VXR, Golf Mk7, RX-8, Focus RS2, Hyundai i30N and many more.

If your car is not listed you may eligible for a big discount by bringing your car to EBC Brakes for measurement and kit design.

Find out more about our kits at EBC Brakes Direct.

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