Drivers rely on EBC brake pad compounds to suit all styles of car racing

Drivers rely on EBC brake pad compounds to suit all styles of car racing

Here is the latest news from some of EBC’s assisted championship drivers who rely on EBC brake pad compounds to suit all styles of car racing:

This month’s feature includes race reports from Lewis Dean Motorsport, Peter Burchill and Vulcan Racing, Team Flitspeed, Aurimas ‘Odi’ Bakchis, Goyo Carreras and Gigglepin Racing.

Lewis Dean Motorsport – EBC Subaru Impreza

Shaun and Sarah Fudge, owner/owner-drivers of the Lewis Dean Motorsport Subaru Impreza WRX, returned to Gurston Down Speed Hill Climb on Sunday 10th September 2017. The team use a combination of EBC products on their Subaru Impreza including BSD discs with Bluestuff NDX compound brake pads.
Here is their latest race report:
EBC Subaru Impreza Impresses Again!

Supported by EBC Brakes, the team had been previously using USR slotted discs with Yellowstuff compound brake pads which proved to be extremely effective and have contributed to the teams trophy haul. This season saw the EBC supported Impreza shod with an alternative combination of the BSD discs with Bluestuff NDX compound brake pads.

This was the finale of the Gurston Down Hillclimb Championship with only tenths of seconds dictating the outcome. Rain greeted the team but after posting admirable times in practice, the weather deteriorated and the final runs would be tricky. Shaun put in an outstanding run to finish 2nd in class on the day and 2nd in class in the Gurston Down Championship.

Sarah finished in a respectable 4th in class on the day and 4th in Championship.

Photo: Lewis Dean Motorsport in action!The Lewis Dean Motorsport Team will be heading for The Manor Farm Hillclimb on the 23rd September with their trusty EBC Brakes shod Impreza, a new venue to the team which should prove to be an interesting weekend.

Lewis Dean Motorsport would like to thank EBC Brakes for their ongoing support and with their help we have secured another season of success. We would like to praise them for their excellent brakes.

Kind Regards
Shaun/Sarah Fudge
Lewis Dean Motorsport

Visit Lewis Dean Motorsport’s website and Facebook page for more news and technical information:
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Photo: Peter Burchill in action!

Photo credits: Philip Rainford and Marc Kinder

Peter Burchill – Vulcan Racing

Peter Burchill and the Vulcan Racing Team competed in the Cockershoot and MG Cup which took place at the Oulton Park Races located in Cheshire on 2nd September 2017. Peter’s MG V6 engine saloon car was equipped with EBC Bluestuff NDX compound brake pads.
Here is his latest race report:
Oulton Park Races – 2nd September 2017
Photo: Peter Burchill in action!

Photo credits: Philip Rainford and Marc Kinder

Peter Burchill and Team Vulcan competed in three races and achieved a 2nd overall result in the MG Cup Championship. He also gained ‘driver of the race’ in the first race of the day. In the Cockershoot Cup Peter managed to achieve 4th in his class.

The MG Cup was established over 20 years ago and is the UK’s most popular MG racing series. It is the only championship for which any MG model is eligible.

Peter said:

Great racing in two championships at my local circuit. Thanks to everyone that helped, my fellow competitors and marshals.

Photo: Peter Burchill in action!

Photo credits: Philip Rainford and Marc Kinder

Peter will next be competing in the final round of the MG Cup Series at the Snetterton 200 Races which take place on  Saturday 30th September to Sunday 1st October 2017.

Visit Peter Burchill’s website and social media sites for more news and information:
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Photo: Dom Flitspeed in action!

Photo credits: Philip Rainford and Marc Kinder

Dom Flitney – Team Flitspeed

Dom Flitney has been competing in Round Three of the British Rallycross Championships at Pembrey on 31st August 2017 at Lydden Hill Race Circuit. Dom’s Mazda RX-7 FC is equipped with Yellowstuff compound brake pads on the front, Ultimax2™ brake pads on the rear and a combination of GD Sport and USR Slotted discs.
Here is his race report:
British Rallycross Championships – Round Three – Pembrey

Photo: Flitspeed Drift RacingIt was a great weekend at Lydden Hill for the BRX and I enjoyed some great racing. I had three good heats and started in front row for the semi finals in which I finished 3rd with a puncture. I got in the final again!

Massive thanks as always, the brakes worked amazing in the BRX Flitspeed Swift and I’m getting to grips with the car and Rallycross, running with the top five racers and matching their pace.

Thanks again! Dom

Dom Flitney and Team Flitspeed are next racing in Rounds 7 & 8 at Pembrey Circuit on – 23rd & 24th September 2017.

Visit Team Flitspeed’s social media sites for more news and information:
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Aurimas ‘Odi’ Bakchis

Aurimas ‘Odi’ Bakchis was drift racing in Round Seven of the Formula Drift Championship at Texas Motor Speedway on 8th – 9th September 2017.  Odi’s drift adapted Nissan 240 is equipped with Yellowstuff compound brake pads and GD Sports disc rotors.
Odi’s race news follows:

Photo: Aurimas 'Odi' BakchisAurimas ‘Odi’ Bakchis returned to Texas Motor Speedway on 9th September 2017 for Round Seven of the Formula Drift AutoZone Showdown. As always the Formula Drift Championship proved a popular event with the crowd full to capacity and over one million viewers watching the event via live-stream.

‘Odi’ was racing in his EBC equipped Nissan 240 after qualifying in 3rd position. A small mistake on his chase run gave Forsberg the win, but a delighted ‘Odi’ was over the moon to finish in a respectable 3rd place.

Odi commented on Facebook:

Photo: Aurimas 'Odi' Bakchis on the podiumI had a blast making clouds and qualifying 3rd here at the Formula Drift Championships today! Looking forward to tandem tomorrow.

Feeling good after a solid 3rd place finish last night. Third podium of the season!

Visit Aurimas “Odi” Bakchis’ website and social media sites for more news and information:
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Goyo Carreras

Spanish drift racer and expert car mechanic Goyo Carreras, who is assisted by official Spanish distributor EBC Frenos, has been competing in the Open Slalom Drift Series in 2017. He was interviewed recently by video creator PowerArt and talks in-depth about his specially adapted and self-built EBC GD Sport disc and Bluestuff NDX compound brake pad equipped BMW E30 drift car ‘Spongebob’.
Please see the video below:
PowerArt – El Drifting en España – S01-E02

The PowerArt channel by Guille García Alfonsín (@GuilleAlfonsin) is a great YouTube channel on which to view documentaries and reports on topics related to building automotive engines. From technique to tests, races viewed from inside the vehicle, preparations and modifications, routes … and a host of other things.

In this episode we discover the competitive drifting scene in Spain, with the help of Goyo, one of the most charismatic drift racers of the OSD (Open Slalom Drift in Spain).

Photo: Goyo's Garage

Visit Goyo Carrreras' social media sites for more news and technical information:
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Gigglepin Racing

Gigglepin Racing have been competing in the Maxxis Tyres King of Portugal rally event which took place on 7th – 9th September 2017. Driver Jim Marsden and his dedicated crew have worked hard to get their #69 racer “Little Lady” ready for the event equipped with Yellowstuff compound truck brake pads for the precision like control needed over the rocky off-road Portuguese terrain.
Here is Gigglepin’s race report:
The Maxxis King of Portugal 2017- The Cursed Event

Some events just don’t work out and King of Portugal is our nemesis, some say it is our cursed event? But everything is running smooth, the car feels great and the crew are happy, what could go wrong? We roll out towards the prologue and our new alternator seizes solid as we drive down the road. No problem and we change it for a new one, but find the new unit is not working! We strip down and change again. This time all the gauges jump to life and we head off to the prologue, but we feel the curse already starting to bite.
Night has cast its spell, skies are black and dust hangs heavy on the start line of the prologue.

5, 4, 3, 2 ,1! The flag drops and we have charge off the line, the first corner comes and goes and then the second, but the car is not responding, I cannot steer!

Helder we have lost the drive belt” I scream as we come to a halt on the track. We dive from the car and tear off the bonnet. We have practised this belt change in the workshop and can replace a belt in under a minute. But the more I fight the worse it gets, precious seconds oozing away. The belt refitted, we are hammer down once again. But 200 metres later it’s all over as the belt jumps off yet again. Our run is over and we are escorted off the course. Our hearts are heavy as we know we will have to start at the back of the field in a race we know will be fought in thick heavy dust. It’s the very worst situation and the curse is digging in its nails.

Back at the pit we spring into action to try to find the problem, Matt Weeks, James Ayre help as Helder and Staci look after the radios and cameras. The source of the problem is not obvious and we work till gone 3am to find a solution.

The next morning, we wake to the perfect Portuguese sun rise and clear blue skies. It’s only 8am and its already nearly 85 degrees as the crew checks and re-checks the car. You can feel the excitement as the cars line up ready for the short drive to the race course. Our Maxxis team mate Rob Butler smashed the prologue and has the honour of leading out with American legend Casey Currie only just behind him. With racers from Israel, USA and from all over Europe there is a buzz of expectation as the engines rumble and roll out of the bivouac.

A car leaves the line every 30 seconds and we are the last car in 4400 class to leave the line, right down in 24th position. All too soon we are caught up in heavy traffic and we make the most of it, passing more than 10 cars in the quarry section.

Out on the track and we are loving it! The car is epic as it dominates the fast terrain with our tyres finding grip on the seemingly impossible. With six 34-kilometre laps (204 km) to complete its going to be a long day in the office. We cross the line after lap one and get radio conformation that we have made up 18 places to 6th position. 200 metres later our upper rear link snaps apart causing the rear axle to break away! We pull over to the side and dive from the car “Can we fix it Jim?” asks our co-driving ace Helder da Rocha as I take in the damage. The sway bar links and the prop shaft had been destroyed as has the upper link. “We’ve got this Helder, run back to the pit and I’ll radio through what we need”. I want to scream as I know it’s my own welding that has let us down. But we are not about to let the KOP curse win again. Less than an hour later we are back on track and thundering through the Portuguese countryside, our LSX 454 engine roaring hard.

Big horsepower means loads of fuel and we have to make two planned stops, one at the end of lap two and one at the end of lap four. Matt and James nail the refuelling while Staci provides us with drinks and race info. Less than a minute after arriving we are heading back out again, simply amazing!

We keep up the high tempo and cross the line completing all our laps having fought back to 6th place! We are an hour behind the leaders but that’s OK, because tomorrow is going to be heavy with the track changing and the crews heading into the massive dinosaur eggs rock stages. Tough was about to become insane!

The race bivouac is based at Vimioso Football Stadium and the crews all mingle and help each other. Our Italian friends Ferdinando Bartolucci and Gabriele Biaggi are camped next to us and they provide us with a superb Italian meal of 4kg Florentina steaks, wild boar pasta and a cheeky drop of Tuscan red wine. With the team refuelled it was back to work, fixing and checking the race car. Helder and I bailed at 3am knowing we had a long day ahead but Matt and James worked throughout the whole night to be sure the car was ready for battle.

 I woke at 7am and got straight on it helping the boys with a wheel that was still causing problems. We managed to fix it only two minutes before we rolled out of the stadium heading for the start.

Jorge Araújo from TUFF4x4 was leading out followed by Casey Currie, Luis Filipe Fracing Guimaraes, Iñaki Lanzagorta Egia, Bruno Nunes and ourselves in sixth position. With Rob Butler, Bailey Cole and a heap of other talented drivers behind us it was set for a battle royal!

The flag dropped and we took to the track coming up behind Filipe winching on the rocks. “What is he doing?” The traffic is backing up and Bruno barges past Inaki and we close the door following them both over the gate keeper rocks. Then it’s out the back of the quarry section and into heavy dust. We get completely whited out and go off course collecting a rock for our troubles. We power on passing Inaki but all too soon the car starts to vibrate badly and it’s impossible to continue. We pull over and jump from the car, I look underneath to see that we have bent the rear propshaft! The curse raises its head once again …

“Jim what are we going to do? We used our spare propshaft yesterday?” asks a concerned Helder. “Run back to the pit and I’ll radio through, I think I have an idea”. I get on the radio to Matt and ask him to drag out the bit of the old shaft and replace the rear universal joint and send out Helder with the parts. 40 minutes later Helder arrives back and we manage to build one good prop shaft from the parts. But it was heart breaking watching all the cars passing and knowing that our slender chance was slipping through our fingers. To add to our worries, I have slashed a tyre and a tyre-ball is hanging out the side. The odds of that lasting the 144km course were not good. The curse was taking a strangle hold.

This is where you dig deep, claw into the depths of your experience and understand the task in hand, you have a team to think about, fans and sponsors. But you also don’t want that curse to beat you.

“Jim the plan is the same, drive like we did yesterday and we can still win” says Helder as we tighten our harnesses. “We’ve got this my friend. Let’s go have some fun passing cars!”

Nothing feels so good as a race car hitting the dirt and dancing in your hands, engine roaring as the kilometres fly by. Our shocks soak up the jumps, as our EBC Brakes keep us in control never fading or failing. Our team know the drill and at the end of lap four we come in for our planned stop. Once again, they nail it, this time with help from our Italian friends who had sadly retired.

Back on track and we find all kinds of carnage including Casey Currie rolling twice. We come across Rob Butler winching and saw many vehicles parked, their race finished. But little lady powered on clearing rocks and clearing the dinosaur eggs with effortless ease. We kept up the high tempo, pushing, but never too hard and hitting speeds over 100 mph on tracks not much wider than the car. The finish line came into sight and Nuno flagged us home. As we park up we are amazed to find we are the first car to finish?! Now it was a waiting game to see who would finish next and what adjusted time would do for the scores.

Portuguese hospitality is first class and the prize giving is amazing. The town opens its heart and provides food for the hundreds involved in organising, marshalling and racing this event, with prize giving going on past midnight. The rumour is that the scores are tight and that there is very little dividing the top three cars. We are not sure if we are 3rd or 4th and the suspense is killing us. “And in third place is car #69! Jim Marsden and Helder da Rocha!”

We can hardly believe our ears and its smiles from all the team as we head on stage to collect our trophy. Filipe Guimaraes is 2nd and Casey Currie had done enough after a blistering first day to secure 1st place. But it was close …. Our curse had kept us from the top spot but we had the final laugh.

A massive thank you to our amazing team here and at home, Helder da Rocha, Matt Weeks, James Ayre, Staci Reeson, Sam Briggss, Ben Webb, Karen Major, Iain Cherry, James Beale, Ben Ryan and little Sam.

To our sponsors who allow us to race at the highest level with the best kit a team could wish for and to our fans and followers that always drive us on.

It’s now a race to get the car rebuilt into full winch challenge mode and head to the GRAF Adventure Series in Lamego, central Portugal to defend our 2016 title. It’s going to be epic!

Visit Gigglepin Racing’s website and social media sites for more news and information:
Website Facebook Twitter “YouTube

 More EBC Brakes Product Details:

EBC Brakes Bluestuff Brake Pads

EBC Bluestuff NDX Brake PadsEBC Bluestuff NDX Brake Pads are perfect for racing all sorts of cars and automotive sports in general as they are extremely high in friction and made from NDX formula material that is specifically designed for aggressive driving conditions such as those found on hard surfaced race tracks. When twinned with specific quality aftermarket calipers Bluestuff brake pad NDX formula has the most efficient success rate.

EBC Brakes Yellowstuff Brake Pads

EBC Yellowstuff Brake PadsEBC Yellowstuff brake pads are ultra high friction brake pads for race, trackday and street use, race drivers in particular love them because they are made from an aramid fibre compound. These pads are ideal for street and track driving as they don’t require a warm up but get even stronger under hard driving.

EBC Brakes Orangestuff Brake Pads

EBC Orangestuff Brake PadsEBC Orangestuff brake pads have a longer wear life by up to 40-60% and a very effective initial bite. Another advantage of these unique brake pads is that they offer better fade resistance on rotors even when the disc temperatures are high and the discs glow red.

EBC Brakes Redstuff Ceramic Brake Pads

EBC Redstuff Ceramic Brake PadsRedstuff Ceramic Brake Pads is a harder compound which takes longer to fully bed in to achieve the highest levels of performance during which time the odd brake noise may be heard when starting from cold in damp conditions at walking speed.

One press of the pedal will clear the rotor of any dampness and this leaves EBC Redstuff Ceramic as a pad that inspires confidence in all car users. The motto is be patient to give the pads a full chance to bed down properly.

EBC Brakes Greenstuff Brake Pads

EBC Greenstuff Brake Pads
The latest version of Greenstuff Brake Pads is an intentionally softer brake compound designed to improve the pedal feel on lighter cars at low speeds. This results in a medium dust material with good lifetime and minimal rotor wear.

EBC Brakes Ultimax2™ Brake Pads

EBC Ultimax2™ Brake Pads
The radically improved Ultimax2™ is a fully ECO friendly material that has ZERO sulphides. The Ultimax2 formula does not require shims for noise reduction and has more bite from cold.

These brake pads also work well in hot dry climates too! As with the original Ultimax these too are fully R90 approved.

EBC Brakes GD Sports Brake Discs/Rotors

EBC Bluestuf NDX Brake PadsEBC GD Series brake disc rotors are now available in a Black thermic and NITROTHERM™ finish and feature wide aperture slots that draw cool air under the brake pad and rotor interface which help cool the temperature of the brake pad contact that can easily and often shoot up to well over 1000 degrees during heavy braking and can cause brake fade or loss of brake effect – the cool effective use of the slots helps prevent this.

EBC Brakes USR Slotted Brake Discs/Rotors

EBC Bluestuf NDX Brake PadsEBC Ultimax Slotted USR Brake Rotors are manufactured using premium disc blanks. These rotors benefit from quiet running which is all down to the narrower multi-slot design and the progressive angle at which the slots are machined.

This has the benefit of removing dirt, gas, water and debris and having the advantage of parallel pad wear.

EBC Brakes BSD Discs/Rotors

EBC BSD Disc/RotorBSD (Blade Sports Discs) are made from a unique material known as “discalloy” for front and rear fitments.

The blade slot design is specially crafted to remove hot gases in an efficient way to help keep brake pads cooler and flatter. The multiple slots overlap to reduce the brake wind sound.

EBC Brakes Premium Discs/Rotors

EBC Premium Disc/RotorPremium brake rotors are made fome the highest quality sourced materials and are the perfect OEM replacement brake disc rotor for any automotive vehicle for street use and daily driving.

ISO approved to the highest spec and also apprived by the German TUV authorities, these disc rotors are an affordable solution for all motorists.

EBC Brakes High Performance Brake Lines

EBC Bluestuf NDX Brake Pads

EBC Brakes’ range of UK manufactured high performance braided steel brake lines are 100% pressure tested, guaranteed to be leak free and give a firmer, more responsive feel compared to rubber lines.

All of our brake lines not only meet our own stringent standards but they are also approved by TÜV, DOT, ADR and ISO.

All of our brake line kits are a direct replacement of the original manufacturers lines therefore they fit first time, every time – no need for adjusting angles or using universal fittings that do not fit.

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