EBC Yellowstuff cope with tough rally conditions for Gigglepin image
EBC Yellowstuff cope with tough rally conditions for Gigglepin

Team Gigglepin have been racing again, this time in Rallye Breslau 2015 – a tough going rally that spans 1500km across Germany and Poland. To help cope with such harsh conditions, Team Gigglepin depend on EBC Truck Yellowstuff Sport brake pads.

The race include a range of vehicles such as trucks, cars, motorbikes, quads and SSV’s. The Gigglepin Team for this rally consisted of the ever present Jim Marsden, Wayne Smith who had travelled from Australia, Oscar Thurlow, Kev Barrett from Malaysia and UK based Iain Cherry. The team all met at Hohenmolsen for the start of the Ralley Breslau ready to start the long race.

EBC Yellowstuff cope with tough rally conditions for Gigglepin image

Day 1

On the first day the guys worked hard to get their vehicle ready for the start. They had to get it scrutinised and all the stickers in place along with all the other two hundred plus competitors.

EBC Yellowstuff cope with tough rally conditions for Gigglepin image
Day 2

The first stage of day 2 started in a huge sandy coal quarry. The race itself was 20km per lap. Luckily the rainfall started a couple of hours before the race, dampening down the coal dust. The flag dropped and the team started off behind 4 other competitors’ vehicles that they had soon overtacken by the first bend. By the second lap the team were hitting speeds of up to 100mph as they raced fast paced lorries. The team finished the 5 lap race with a lead of 24 seconds.

EBC Yellowstuff cope with tough rally conditions for Gigglepin image

Day 3

The day 3 race consisted of seven laps of 25km in length back in the quarry but this time unfortunately without the rain to dampen the dust down. The team set off and were cut off at the second turn by a French car. Luckily when they entered the Xtrem zone the guys took back the lead when the French car eased off. Team Gigglepin raced on with the thick dust making visibility appalling, but still soldiered on to extend their lead by 20 minutes at the final flag.

EBC Yellowstuff cope with tough rally conditions for Gigglepin image

Day 4

The next stage was a quick fire special stage with four 9km laps with a couple of different courses for cross country and Xtrem vehicles. The motorbikes and quads start off first followed by the cross country cars, trucks and side by sides, then once cleared of the course the Xtrem trucks, cars and side by sides set off.
This time the team set off with dust masks fitted from the start and in lead position. The course was fast with lots of straights and also included a steep downhill section. Team Gigglepin took yet another stage win after some fantastic navigation by Wayne and even with a partially blocked radiator. The team then headed off on a 400km drive to Pozan in Poland for the next exciting lazer night stage in the forests.

EBC Yellowstuff cope with tough rally conditions for Gigglepin image

Lazer Lights night stage

Team Gigglepin were at last in the Polish forests and were very relieved to get out of the horrible, nasty, dusty quarry rounds and into the cool refreshing rain. The 70km of forest race track was already deep with mud which caused some problems for the team when they lost 20 minutes finding the correct track, combined with a wiper fault that delayed them further.

The team managed to pass 13 cars in what were seriously tough muddy conditions and finish in a strong lead with 18 minutes and 4 seconds ahead of any competitors, but became disheartened when they learned that they had received a 20 minute penalty for going too fast in a speed controlled zone.

EBC Yellowstuff cope with tough rally conditions for Gigglepin image

Day 5

After only 2 hours sleep Team Gigglepin set off again to race in the Poznan Polygon, a 105km track through a huge military area chocked full of tank tracks and sand amongst forests. Just ten minutes into the race disaster struck when the clutch pedal went down and stayed there following a major malfunction leaving the team with no option than to winch their way through the rest of the race.

Wayne, we have just lost the clutch!

EBC Yellowstuff cope with tough rally conditions for Gigglepin image

Despite the clutch loss the team winged it through slowly crawling through, each check point getting their card stamped by Wayne running ahead on foot. At one stage a short branch punched through the windscreen just missing Wayne’s head. Even with all the challenges the team still race hard against a fast French Proto Toyota and even managed to cross the final line with a lead of 1 minute and 5 seconds, a fantastic result considering the clutch problems. Team Gigglepin also won a trophy for their efforts.

EBC Yellowstuff cope with tough rally conditions for Gigglepin image

Day 6

The team spent the night repairing their car and managed to source another windscreen from some helpful Polish ladies and were ready to race once more! This stage started really well as the team began at a great pace for the first 44km on tracks suitedto the car. Then disaster struck once again when the team travelled into an area of hell and the clutch pedal went once again. This time the car was stuck in gear and wouldn’t start and to make things worse the winch ropes were broken too!

After a struggle using different lines, the car broke free and came out of gear so the team were able to start it once more. After a long while the team cleared the tank tracks  and finished the final 40km and incredibly still managed to win the stage as the mud had severely hindered the other teams.

EBC Yellowstuff cope with tough rally conditions for Gigglepin image

Day 7

On Day 7 the stage consisted of ultra-fast sand tracks with huge jumps or slow boggy patches, speed limit sections and deep sinking mud holes, a good mixture of everything!
On the first stage of the race the Team finished the 72km leg seconds in front of the flying French Toyota Proto Team.  Then it was onto the 211km second stage of extra tough tracks, sand and deep water. Thick dust caused the team great difficulty until they got 100km into fresh clean air. This stage went really well for the team with no technical hitches and as a result the team finished the stage and extended their lead by 1.5hrs.

EBC Yellowstuff cope with tough rally conditions for Gigglepin image

Day 8

During this stage the team had to cope with 33 degree heat over a distance of 130km. They started off with a cracked exhaust manifold and two broken rear springs. The team lined up at the start with a huge truck that had matching horse power but Gigglepin soon left them behind on their final charge. With a four hour lead the team took it easier, being careful with their suspension and engine temperature which was going swingingly until the back fell out of the exhaust silencer at the 78km mark creating a huge amount of noise and causing the radiator to overheat. Despite the problems the team crossed the final finish line as the Rallye Breslau Champions of 2015.

Team Gigglepin were overjoyed to win 7 of the 8 stages including the Klaus Liehnier memorial trophy and the overall title by 4.5 hours. Excellent results for Team Gigglepin, well done lads! 🙂

EBC Yellowstuff cope with tough rally conditions for Gigglepin image

Thank you to our service crew Oscar Thurlow, Kev Barrett and Iain Cherry for their tireless hard work. Thank you to the rest of the Team at home who kept everyone up to date and helped in every possible way.

Special thanks to our wonderful sponsors EBC Brakes for their continued support and help. It’s great working with you!

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