Pilot Jim Marsden and his Bluestuff™-equipped ‘Little Lady’ were voted into the top 10 of their respective categories

The 2020 season may have barely begun for the countless EBC-equipped racers and riders around the world, but it hasn’t stopped the Kent, UK-based Gigglepin Racing off-road team from receiving no less than two pieces of very good news already this year.

Following the release of the annual ‘Iconic Top 10’ results from Ultra 4 – the brand who hosts some of the largest off-roading events in the world like the gruelling Californian ‘King of the Hammers’ – Gigglepin Racing was delighted to have both its main driver and vehicle featured within the top 10 of their respective categories.

First up, frontman Jim Marsden was ranked as the 10th most iconic Ultra 4 driver in the world, as voted for by fans of Ultra 4 racing from across the globe.

Jim has taken to the Hammers trails twice in his racing career. In 2013, he managed to clinch first place despite starting last in that year’s Everyman Challenge. He’s also raced in every European Ultra 4 series and in 2019 was crowned the overall champion.

Off the mud, Jim voices the Ultra 4 race series in the USA, providing live feed commentary at various events over a period of six years.

A humble Jim commented on the news:

“Now this doesn’t happen every day… what a way to start 2020! Thank you to everyone that voted and to my kick-ass family and crew. I can’t wait to start racing again.”

Gigglepin Racing at the Welsh ONE50

As if that wasn’t enough good news for the first few weeks of January, the team also learnt that their faithful race steed, the #69 off-roader dubbed ‘Little Lady’, has been recognised as one of the top five most iconic vehicles in Ultra 4.

Little Lady currently holds revered titles such as King of Spain, King of Britain, Shootout KOB, King of Poland and the Ultimate Ultra 4 Europe, which means her space as one of the most iconic racers has been well and truly earned by her and the Gigglepin team. This is a true testament to the dedication Jim has for the sport he has so much passion for, and to the team around him which helps make it all happen.

Jim was equally-as-delighted with this news:

“We are so proud that the fans have taken the time to vote… Little Lady is an amazing race car and this is a tribute to the fantastic team and sponsors that stand behind her.”

Stay tuned to learn how Gigglepin Racing gets on throughout its 2020 season. This is an exciting chapter for Jim and his team, with untold doors now flung wide open and the sky being very much the limit. Watch this space…

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Bluestuff Brake Pads

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