On 11th November at Silverstone GP circuit, one of EBC Brakes’ customers, Sam, tested EBC Racing’s new trackday and race compound RP-1™.
Here is his feedback following a full day out on track in his BMW M3 (E46):

Cold friction level seems good. I used them to drive to and from the circuit.*

*EBC should emphasise that RP-1™ is NOT R90 approved and therefore by law should not be operated on the public highway in EU markets.

I was doing 5-8 lap runs and didn’t suffer any brake fade.

Compared to Pagid RS29, EBC’s RP-1™ feels very similar in terms of bite, performance and blend. RP-1™ releases well making it easy to bleed off the brake pedal. RP-1™ feels very good under hard braking, the only slight downside being the pads were quite noisy.

I have used Endless ME22 pads before, which were very good, but very grabby, making the pedal difficult to modulate.

All in all they have impressed me.

With RP-1™ being a dedicated track material, EBC Brakes have not optimised the noise performance, therefore we have to advise customers that on some vehicle platforms it is possible that there may be some noise under braking. This is difficult to predict and entirely vehicle dependent, hence why we only recommend RP-1™ for use on track.

The ‘release’ of the brake pad, however, is something that EBC have explicitly targeted with RP-1™. We wanted to give the driver exceptional feel under braking that allows easy modulation of the brake pedal, as this is key to maintaining control of the car when at the limit and is fundamental to achieving good lap times.

It’s encouraging to see that, in Sam’s opinion, RP-1™ is comparable to one other popular trackday pad choice (Pagid RS29) and is less ‘grabby’ than another dedicated track compound (Endless ME22). That’s before price is factored in, with RP-1™ costing at least 1/3 less than either of the aforementioned trackday pad choices.

Furthermore, all RP-1™ pads feature stainless-steel backing plates which reduce heat soak into the caliper pistons, preventing fluid boil and increasing the endurance of the brake system.

RP-1™ fitments include most popular performance vehicles and the majority of aftermarket brake calipers and are very competitively priced.

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