Tony Nguyen at Toronto Motorsports Park

Tony Nguyen races at the Toronto Motorsports Park in Ontario, Canada.

Tony relies on EBC Bluestuff™ pads.

EBC Brakes-sponsored racer Tony Nguyen recently participated in the Toronto Motorsports Park in Cayuga, Ontario.

Here’s Tony’s report from the day:

CSCS Round 2 is in the books! It was a difficult day as I had blown 3rd gear in my WRX 5 Speed (for the second time this year) in my first session. In addition, it rained all day which made for some very slick conditions, especially with the Pirelli Trofeo R’s. For the remainder of the day I decided to continue competing without 3rd gear and ran 2nd and 4th gear for the majority of the track.

I ended up qualifying 1st in Street AWD. When it was time for the finals, the track had dried up a bit and left me at a huge disadvantage without 3rd gear against my competitors. However, I still managed to podium and ended up in 3rd place!

All in all, a challenging day, but a successful day nonetheless. The guys at Neetronics are in the process of swapping a STI 6 Speed transmission and getting the car ready for Round 3 on July 21st -22nd.

Congratulations, Tony!

Photographs courtesy of Annie Tong94 Division, Queen of Heartz and Moving Pictures.

Tony Nguyen at Toronto Motorsports Park
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Tony Nguyen races with these EBC Brakes products:

EBC Bluestuff Brake Pads

EBC Bluestuf NDX Brake Pads
Bluestuff NDX is a high friction sport and race material which is not road legal for EU markets where R90 is required. OK for road use in USA and Asian markets. The material has had much success on the track with quality aftermarket calipers (multi piston systems with better release and cooling and larger rotors) and limited success with street based calipers where pad size and caliper drag can challenge any brake material.

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