EBC-equipped rising star provides further evidence that he’s currently unstoppable on the competitive drifting scene

It was only last week that we brought you more news of 15-year-old Max Cotton’s continued dominance in his first ever year competing in the British Drift Championship.

Collecting trophies in one national series clearly isn’t enough for young Cotton, who headed over to Co. Kildare’s Mondello Park Circuit on 18-20 September to take part in the first 2020 round of the Irish Drift Series.

With some internationally renowned names on the entry list, Max had his work cut out to make the same first impressions he’d achieved within the BDC but it might not come as much of a surprise to you to learn that by the end of the weekend he’d done just that – securing an incredible second place overall.

Max talks through the weekend in his own words below.

“Friday, 18 September saw me and my Dad travel to Mondello Park in Ireland for the long-awaited first round of the Irish Drift Series.

“With over 80 drivers on the grid, including Drift Masters drivers and three-time world champion, James ‘The Machine’ Deane and only 32 places up for grabs in Battles, it was not going to be easy. The Irish Drift Series also only allows road tyres which evens things out a little, too.”


“I took my place on the start line for my first qualifying run and decided to play it safe. The car felt good and I knew I was in the zone. I fired the car into the first corner and the rest of the track seemed to flow. I was blown away when the results came in and I was in first position, with a score of 94.

“James Deane was up next and put in an amazing run, scoring a huge 96. I knew I could beat that, though, so we put a new set of tyres on the car and lowered the pressures slightly. I was safe with my first run and still in second place, so I decided to push it to the limit.

“Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be; we had gone too low on pressures and de-beaded a tyre on the first corner. Still, I held on to second place and was happy with the result.”


“I worked my way up the Battle tree and found myself in the Top 4, where I came up against Dave Egan – the creator of the British Drift Championship, the Irish Drift Championship and Drift Games.

I battled Dave once before in my BMW E30 at Battle Royale where, after a very close battle, he took the win but now with the extra power and grip in my PS13, I knew that I had a chance. I got a good start but Dave was close behind. I fired it through clip one and Dave made a huge dive and hit the rear quarter of my car, which put him out of the competition and progressed me into the final where I would face Drift Masters Driver, Kevin Quinn.

“As the highest qualifier, I led first and Kevin Quinn put in a really good chase run, sticking his car to the side of mine with good proximity.

“I knew I would need to do something special to take the win. I lined up and Quinn put in a great lead run so I stuck it to his door the best I could. It was a really close battle and the judges took a very long time to make their decision. Could I have done it! Could I be the first British person to win on Irish soil? Unfortunately, Quinn’s 700hp was too much for me and he took the win.

“I was so happy to take 2nd place on the podium with Kevin Quinn in 1st and James Deane in 3rd. Looking forward to the second round of this series in October…!”

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