Two of EBC Brakes Racing’s recently launched products – its two-piece fully-floating rotors and RP-1 track day/race pads – get the baptism of fire at the ‘Green Hell’ and come out fighting in this on-track test and review…

The latest, FK8-shape Honda Civic Type R has rapidly established itself as something of a ‘giant slayer’ on the track; recently setting a front-wheel drive lap record around Germany’s infamous Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit. But the question is, with a car that’s so hot straight out of the box, is there any additional performance that can be unlocked by some choice aftermarket upgrades? Of course, the answer is ‘yes’.

Like the majority of factory vehicles, the Type R is built to a compromise, with both financial and performance limitations meaning there’s always more in the tank for those who want to push things further. Looking specifically at the brake system, the stock brake pads are designed to have good cold performance, give off a low amount of dust and offer zero brake noise, but if you’re on track these characteristics aren’t of such importance. A brake pad developed specifically for track use, such as EBC Brakes Racing’s new RP-1 compound, ignores these compromises and instead focuses purely on maximum on-track performance.

Furthermore, the Type R is fitted with one-piece drilled rotors from the factory, mainly to reduce production costs. The one-piece design doesn’t allow the rotor to expand freely with extreme heat and this in-turn leads to stress build-ups within the rotor, which the through-drilled holes then serve as epicentres for disc cracking.

EBC Brakes Racing’s two-piece fully-floating rotors offer several benefits over stock items; the main one being that the cast iron braking annulus is totally free to expand and contract independently of the centre aluminium bell. This significantly reduces stress in the rotor making it much less prone to cracking, even after prolonged and heavy track use. The EBC rotors are also 1kg lighter than stock units, feature 48-curved vanes for effective heat dissipation and are cast from a high-carbon/high-copper metallurgy, giving the disc better performance and higher wear resistance.

The EBC Brakes Racing two-piece rotors are a direct replacement for the stock brake rotor, requiring no vehicle modifications to allow fitment and work seamlessly with the stock Brembo caliper. Finally, once the disc becomes worn after a period of use, the outer cast iron ring can be replaced independently of the aluminium bell leading to lower long-term running costs.

The vehicle pictured headed to the ‘Ring with the above EBC items fitted, also sporting EBC’s braided brake lines and BF307+ Super DOT 4 racing fluid, which when combined with the pad and rotor upgrades, elevates vehicle braking performance to the maximum level possible short of spending several thousand on a full ‘Big Brake Kit’.

Here’s how the products performed, reported by the driver after two full days’ testing on the gruelling Nürburgring Nordschleife circuit:

“Zero brake fade on the Nürburgring despite doing runs of 5+ laps back-to-back.

“Very nice once warmed up with good bite, modulation and release.

“No squeal under normal braking. “Keen pad price compared to other track alternatives.

“The discs were excellent and well put-together.”

NOTE: EBC emphasises RP-1 is developed as a track only compound and should not be used on the public highway. For vehicles driven on the road and on-track we recommend our 2-piece discs with either Yellowstuff or Bluestuff pads, both of these materials are also road legal in Europe.

The vehicle pictured used the following products:

Fully-Floating 2-Piece Brake Rotors

EBC Brakes Racing’s new range of fully-floating 2-piece brake rotors inject a new level of quality to high performance brake components.

RP-1™ Racing Brake Pads

After two years of research and testing, EBC Brakes launches its flagship race pad material to complete the line-up of performance and track pads currently offered – called RP-1.

EBC High Performance Brake Lines

EBC Brakes’ range of UK manufactured high performance braided steel brake lines are 100% pressure tested, guaranteed to be leak free and give a firmer, more responsive feel compared to rubber lines.

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