We’ve undertaken an epic project that will see us develop one of the most formidable Fiesta STs in the country

Now it’s reaching its final stages, we’ve decided to look back at how our ‘Ultimate Fiesta Build’ project has unfolded over the last few months by bringing you our build articles that were originally featured in Fast Ford magazine. This week, it’s Part 7, where we discover how the raft of engine mods performed at Pumaspeed translate into performance figures, before heading back to base to install some chassis upgrades! 

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Last time, we showed you the incredible transformation the guys at Pumaspeed carried out to the engine of our ‘Ultimate Fiesta Project’ – offering up a beefy X58EVO hybrid turbo and all the trimmings in the hope of some serious power hikes.

Just how much of an increase in power we’d achieve from these mods was promptly discovered over at Burnley’s MAXD Out dyno cell, where the car was strapped in and finely tuned to eke out the largest amount of safe grunt as physically possible by talented head mapper, Andy.

Andy is a bit of an expert when it comes to the Mk7 ST platform, having helped develop some of the fastest road cars and finest race variants over the years, meaning it wasn’t long before an incredible headline figure emerged on his screen: 401.2bhp!

For the benefit of longevity and driveability, this figure was dialled back to around 370bhp for day-to-day use – still an outstanding number that is sure to translate into a hilariously capable hot hatch once we’re done.

Before we tried it out, however, we thought it would be sensible to give the car’s standard chassis some attention to ensure it was able to handle all that extra muscle in a competent manner. It’s why you could find us a few days later back at EBC HQ installing some premium goodies to its underbelly.

Fronting the chassis overhaul is a set of ST Suspension XTA coilovers all-round. Built by the guys over at KW in Germany, this range-topping fully adjustable kit was endorsed by none other than Ken Block on his Mk7 Fiesta rallycross car a few years back. If they’re good enough for him, they’re probably good enough for us, too! As an extra-special touch, we opted to get our ‘Ultimate Fiesta Build’ slogan stamped onto each of the springs – a customisation option that’s available for all ST customers.

Next up, a set of Eibach’s renowned anti-roll bars were bolted into place. The promised result of these beauties is a reduced load difference between the inner and outer wheels – helping the car to literally handle like it’s on rails.

Making the task of converting to a performance polybush setup as easy as possible, Powerflex’s ‘Handling Pack’ features uprated front wishbone, front arm and rear beam-to-chassis bushes that, once installed, improve the rigidity and precision of the suspension setup no end.

Upon the removal of the front wishbones, it was soon apparent that the ball joints weren’t in the best of conditions, so we decided to replace all wishbones with new items before installing the affected bushes.

Finally, a duo of Ultra Racing strut braces made an appearance – one connecting the front struts under the bonnet and finally a ‘strengthening beam’ spanning the centre of the car’s interior behind the front seats to help keep things in check on the twisties even more impressively.

Things are really ramping up with the project now, which is set to head over to well-known wrapping company, Yiannimize, in just a few days. Once it’s looking pretty with its new body wrap, our next port of call will be Northampton Motorsport to get a full fast road/track alignment on all of our new suspension goodies. Stay tuned for the next update…

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