How To Choose The Right Brake Pads for Motorcycle Racing

There are plenty of brake pad choices out there for motorcycle racing, so here are five reasons to make the choice we recommend:

  • Experience and Pedigree: EBC Brakes is the largest aftermarket pad manufacturer with tens of millions of pad sales over 40 years as a pad market leader
  • In house manufacture: Unlike most others, EBC actually MAKE their own pads in their own factories in the UK and USA – 100% in house production
  • Professional R and D facilities: EBC have no less than SEVEN dynamometers across the group testing daily, for millions of hours, various pad blends and delivering you the best!
  • Race tested: Thousands of racers across the world specify EBC GPFAX HH race brake pads for their track events
  • Perfect design and manufacture: Using hardened steel backing plates to prevent pad buckling or warping and vacuum or Dr Fritsch press sintered metal production facilities, the product is perfect, each time – every time

And the recommendation is EBC GPFAX HH race pads.

The performance of the EBC GPFAX pads is shown by this actual track simulation using data collection from the World Superbike Championship.

Any questions please contact us at the e-mail below; otherwise, specify GPFAX and feel covered by our no-quibble money-back warranty if you are not 100% satisfied.

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