In our Introducing series, we put EBC-equipped riders and drivers under the spotlight to find out a little more about their impressive motorsport careers

Fresh for the 2020 season, EBC Brakes is proud to introduce this duo of talented drift drivers that have come together to form an EBC-Equipped team for this year’s Formula Drift season: Jonathan Hurst and Hooman Rahimi.

With both an Infiniti G37 and Turbo LS V8-powered Nissan 370Z in their fleet – both of which will be running EBC Brakes’ Bluestuff pads and BSD rotors – they’re sure to create a formidable team.

Jonathan Hurst is a 26-year-old construction inspector by day, and mechanic at night. He comes from a small town in Western Kentucky. He started drifting in high school and made it into Formula Drift in 2017 with his Turbo LS powered G37.

Hooman Rahimi is a 36-year-old mechanical engineer from Georgia Tech. He grew up in Nashville and loves to tell dad jokes. He became a Formula Drift driver in 2016 with his LS7-powered Nissan 350Z

Jonathan and Hooman joined forces this year and will be debuting a new Turbo LS-powered 370z to match Hurt’s G37. They have had friendly competition for years and can’t wait for the 2020 season to start.

Connect with Jonathan Hurst for more news and information

Connect with Hooman Rahimi for more news and information

Jonathan and Hooman use the following EBC Brakes products:

Bluestuff NDX Super-Street & Track Day Brake Pads

Bluestuff NDX is a high friction sport and race material that now has R90 approval on some fitments for the EU.
For USA and Asia markets where R90 does not apply, this compound is totally road safe
and the perfect choice for performance vehicles driven hard on the road or track days.

BSD Slotted Rotors

The uniquely-created blade slot design on EBC’s BSD rotor helps to remove hot gases from the braking zone in a quick and efficient way much more so than a uni-directional slot. This helps to keep the pads flatter and the brakes cooler.

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