Original pin drive discs for BMW and Audi

What are Pin Drive Floating Brake Discs?

Pin Drive Floating Brake Discs are patented original fitments on many high-end, German-built cars and feature a cast hub and a separate rotor which are connected by ‘fingers’ or pins separating the hub and rotor. The idea is to allow free expansion of the rotor under the heat of braking.

The Square Drive System™

EBC Brakes has its own version of this two-piece rotor idea but our design works differently, with a precision-machined alloy centre hub made from billet alloy connected to a rotor/disc annulus/blade by stainless steel square drive™ buttons.

What are the advantages?

The advantage of the EBC Brakes SD (or Square Drive™ System) is a perfectly free expansion and contraction effect as the rotor heats and cools. These movements are only microns in length but are enough to cause rotor distortion or buckling (known as ‘petalling’) if this expansion cannot freely occur. As the SD-System™ is patented by EBC Brakes, no other rotors are made this way.

The other advantage of the EBC Brakes product is that the rotor blade when worn can also be replaced several times, saving costs.

The EBC Brakes 2-piece floating disc conversion looks like this:

2-piece disc

The EBC Brakes Fully Floating System is the perfect solution for your BMW and Audi replacement pin drive originals.

You can find out more information on the Fully Floating System here.

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